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The molecule that stops the Black Death

A crucial 'alarm molecule' warning the immune system of pathogens has been identified by a Norwegian researcher.

Hot brains impair athletic performance

It’s not just muscle fatigue that impairs athletic performance in hot conditions. Your brain temperature and central fatigue also play a key role.

Super-antibodies against influenza identified

Scientists have identified antibodies that can fight off just about all forms of influenza. The discovery could lead to a much-improved flu vaccine.

Can repulsive photos make smokers quit?

Scary pictures of cancerous lungs and blackened teeth on cigarette packs have the desired effect, says researcher. They make people stop smoking.

Longer heartbeats could shorten lives

Hearts with longer intervals between each ventricular contraction and relaxation face an increased risk of death. But probably only if you are male.

Immune attack of cancer cells

Immunotherapy, where our own immune system defeats cancer cells, might be the new cancer treatment.

Simple exercises in your coffee break relieve pains

Good news for office-workers: the effects of exercise to relieve neck and shoulder pains are good – no matter where, how or how often you train.

Phantom limb pains are permanent

Amputating a leg or an arm can lead to nerve cells forming knots (ganglions) that can be extremely painful for the patient, who feels a pain in the amputated limb. A new study shows that removing ganglions is not a solution, as they appear to regenerate.

The real food hazards in our kitchens

Some common hygienic mistakes in the kitchen can be devastating. Others are less risky than you might think.

Pharma giant threatens Danish scientist

A German pharmaceutical giant is threatening a Danish professor with a big compensation claim. The researcher has conducted a critical study of a type of medicine manufactured by the company.

Altitude training is little more than placebo

Sleeping at high altitudes, in the mountains and in so-called altitude houses, does not improve the body’s ability to take up oxygen, a new study concludes.

Why medicine can kill you

Allergic reactions to medicine are a serious side effect that can kill patients in rare cases. Researchers have now figured out why allergic reactions arise.


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