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Greenland’s cultural heritage threatened by climate change

Archaeologists estimate that Greenland has more than 6,000 sites with cultural monuments. Due to climate change, a significant part of these treasures may be under threat.

DNA drilled up from the bottom of Greenland’s ice sheet

DNA residues drilled up from Greenland’s ice sheet base reveal a green, lush landscape before the great island became covered by ice. New methods in DNA research make it possible to show a Greenland that’s different to the one we know today.

Greenland’s beautiful wildlife in pictures

The extreme conditions in Greenland have created a unique wildlife. See some of the stunning pictures here.

Ivory gulls threatened by eggshell thinning

High levels of environmental contaminants are linked with thinner eggshells in the ivory gull, a red-listed high Arctic seabird. Scientists are concerned that pollutants and the stress from global warming could cause populations to plummet.

Warm seas around Greenland may indicate cold European winter

Past changes in ocean currents around Greenland coincided with climate change in Northern Europe. The researchers behind the discovery suggest a possible ice-cold winter in Northwestern Europe.

Bright future for solar energy in the north

Many Nordic regions have potentials for exploiting solar energy matching that of the solar giant Germany.

Huge eruption adds new perspective to past climate

Scientists have found matching traces of a giant prehistoric volcanic eruption in ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica. The discovery sharpens our understanding of past climate.

Winter rains threaten reindeer and voles

A small rodent, the vole, shares an icy issue with reindeer in Svalbard. A warmer Arctic climate could bring more winter rains and tougher conditions for the two species.

Man has affected the climate for 2,000 years

New research using ice cores from Greenland shows that mankind emitted greenhouse gases affecting the climate during the time of the Roman Empire.

Here’s the weather report – from 5,200 years ago

Scientists can now tell us how the weather in the North Atlantic has changed over the last 5,200 years. New research enables them to ‘see’ more than 4,000 years further back in time than before.

Getting Arctic raw materials requires a gentle hand

We must be very careful if we want to preserve the Arctic region’s special natural environment and culture while ensuring that the coming raw materials boom doesn’t turn into a disaster.

A healthy diet helps the environment

The New Nordic Diet is better for the environment than the food that Danes normally eat.