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Our intestinal bacteria have national characteristics

The bacteria in our intestines are different depending on which country we live in. By examining national differences, researchers can learn more about why bacterial interference in our intestinal flora appear to trigger type 2 diabetes in some people.

Researchers: rapid weight loss is the best

Obese people get the best results by losing weight quickly, new study argues. The conclusion challenges traditional views on what obese people need to do to become and remain slim.

Faulty braking system leads to depression

New rat study reveals that the brains of depressive people are incapable of controlling the activity in certain brain areas – the innate braking system doesn’t work. The discovery could lead to new types of antidepressants.

Mercury pollution robs EU kids of billions

Global mercury pollution affects children’s brain functions and thus also their odds of getting a low-salary job. The total annual loss of life earnings amounts to €9 billion.

Heart disease can affect entire families

When young people suffer sudden cardiac death, their family members face a significantly greater risk of being struck with heart problems, new study shows.

Humans have added new bones to the pig

A mapping of the pig genome sheds light on how pig farming has changed the animal over time. The new findings could be of great benefit to medical research.

Dying women brought new life to PhD project

Observing several episodes of faulty treatment at a Tanzania hospital inspired a Danish doctor to change the focus of his PhD project.

Obesity starts in infancy

OPINION: Children who gain a lot of weight in the first months of their lives have a higher risk of developing obesity by school age. Perhaps it’s time we realise that obesity prevention should start at the time of birth.

Getting Arctic raw materials requires a gentle hand

We must be very careful if we want to preserve the Arctic region’s special natural environment and culture while ensuring that the coming raw materials boom doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Flu vaccine may cause narcolepsy

The influenza vaccine Pandemrix has been associated with an abrupt increase in the incidence of childhood narcolepsy in Finland and Sweden.

Circular economy offers new kind of consumerism

The world’s population is consuming more and more, as our numbers grow and people become more prosperous. But an increasing number of European countries want to change the way resources are consumed.