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Old concrete can purify rainwater

Strange as it may sound, concrete from your old bathroom can help make our environment greener. This is because concrete has a great ability to bind phosphorus, say the scientists behind a new project.

New centre will improve treatment of traumatised refugees

OPINION: A new competence centre for transcultural psychiatry will integrate research with the treatment of traumatised refugees.

Adrenal tumours linked to high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by adrenal tumors triggering hormone overload.

Arthritic kids feel pain even after successful treatment

Some children with arthritis experience pain on a daily basis even after successful treatment of the disease. Why is it that the pain doesn’t always go away when the disease does?

Exercise does not work wonders for everyone

Some people can lose weight and gain muscle without improving their ability to regulate blood sugar, new study reveals.

Soccer is as effective as blood pressure drugs

Regular soccer training improves cardiac function, increases exercise capacity and lowers blood pressure in men with type 2 diabetes, new study shows.

Food allergy may arise through our skin

People with dry and fragile skin often suffer from food allergies, new study suggests.

Nanoparticle may boost blood clot drugs

Danish chemists have set out to create a special nanoparticle that can detect and eliminate atherosclerosis before it turns into a blood clot.

Parkinson’s spreads faster than we thought

The brain of a Parkinson’s patient is damaged at an early stage, even when the symptoms are mild, new study finds.

Cause of depression still eludes us, says neuroscientist

Almost 500.000 Danes suffer from depression. We don't know why they are sick and we give them medicine to treat symptoms not causes, says neuroscientist.