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Young physicists test skills in amusement park

Where should you sit in a roller coaster to get the wildest ride? What is the density of candyfloss? These were some of the challenges at the International Physics Olympiad 2013, which saw contestants testing their skills in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.

Quicker internet comes with a twist

Scientists have come up with a new way of boosting internet bandwidth. They aim to twist the light in the net’s optic cables.

Play a computer game and help solve big physics mystery

The human brain can recognise patterns and make irrational choices much better than any computer can. Now you can help researchers develop a quantum computer by playing an online game.

Offbeat metronomes reveal chimera state

When you place a series of metronomes on a swing, they start to synchronise themselves automatically. Now a clever experiment shows that the metronomes can also divide themselves into groups where only half of them swing to the beat.

Researcher teleports with a kitten

Researchers can now use a special beam of light called a Schrödinger kitten for teleportation. The method can eventually lead to quantum computers and to communication which is secure against eavesdropping.

Huge X-ray laser reveals new molecular state

Using a specially designed X-ray laser, researchers have managed to photograph what happens when molecules bind to or unbind from the surface of a catalyst. The findings may be an important step in the development of new forms of renewable energy.

Thunderclouds challenge laws of nature

Well-defined and detached clouds such as thunderclouds violate the laws of thermodynamics when it comes to the amount of precipitation.

NASA spots smallest planet ever

NASA's Kepler space telescope has found the hitherto smallest of all known planets beyond our Solar System. It’s as small as our own Moon.

Synthetic supermolecule to fight cancer, arthritis and herpes

They look like tiny trees and they can be used to produce everything from printer ink to cancer drugs. New book outlines the great therapeutic potential of the supermolecules known as dendrimers.

Astronauts go underground

Today, the European Space Agency (ESA) is sending six astronauts down into a cave to prepare them for life in space.