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Getting Arctic raw materials requires a gentle hand

We must be very careful if we want to preserve the Arctic region’s special natural environment and culture while ensuring that the coming raw materials boom doesn’t turn into a disaster.

Alarming loss of biodiversity in protected areas

The natural environment is in a far worse state than feared, according to the most comprehensive study so far of conditions in a large number of protected tropical forests.

Warmer climate prolongs mushroom season

The wild mushroom season has grown longer the last 40 years in Norway and elsewhere in Europe. More chanterelles, certainly, but the changes can be challenging.

Falling lemming populations

Due to irregular winters, the lemming cycle has stopped. This might in time change the whole ecosystem in the Arctic.

Hybrid fungus threatens agriculture

A new breed of fungus appeared less than 500 years ago, when the genes of two different types were accidentally mixed. Such hybrid fungi may be a threat to agriculture.

Less thicket and more crows are not good for ptarmigan

A marked decline in the numbers of willow ptarmigan shot in Northern Norway is not proof of hunters being poorer shots. Less thicket and more crows must take some of the blame for a declining population.

Bite me: why mosquitoes love some and leave others

Research reveals why some people are constantly under attack from the bloodsucking insects, while others walk free.

Crystals connect like LEGO bricks

Crystals grow as a result of their nanoparticles locating each other and connecting at the exact spot where the atoms fit together.

Real hunters don’t shoot for fun

A true hunting experience is not about killing as many animals as possible, but about achieving a balance in the relationship between the hunter and the animal.

Colour secrets revealed in fossilised fish-eye

A Swedish palaeontologist and Danish researchers have now proved that prehistoric fossils still have traces of colouring from the animal’s skin, hair or feathers.