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Scientists build most advanced DNA computer to date

New DNA-computer performs simple multiplications by fusing DNA strands together.

Solar-powered bread baking in Ethiopia

An oven powered by solar energy is nothing new under the sun. However, the long-lasting high temperatures make this one unique.

Mending broken bones with food additives

A new invention helps the body generate new bone. Initially, this could help those suffering from loose teeth and damaged mandibles.

Implanted muscular electrodes improve prosthetic flexibility

By implanting electrodes into the muscles, scientists hope they can make it easier for amputees to control their prosthetic limbs.

DIY kit makes building robots easy

A new do-it-yourself kit makes it much easier to build robots. The kit will help researchers develop and refine human-like walking robots, say the inventors.

Hand prosthesis with a sense of touch

A new hand prosthesis enables an amputee to feel a handshake for the first time in years. A quantum leap in prosthesis research, says scientist.

Danish students win prestigious Harvard award

A team of Danish undergraduate students has won both the Audience Choice Award and the prize for the best presentation at Harvard University’s international bio-molecular design competition.

Synthetic mussel adhesive sticks to anything

A new type of glue that can make any kind of materials stick together is currently being developed by Danish scientists. The glue can even glue wounds together and make objects stick under water – and if it breaks, the glue can repair itself.

Computer model mimics mechanism behind pressure ulcers

OPINION: Danish scientists are trying to uncover why pressure ulcers occur. This is done with computer models and lab tests in which cells are exposed to mechanical stress.

A new way of making complex anticancer compound

Ingenol, a substance known for its anticancer potential, has so far been extracted from plants, but now scientists have achieved the first efficient chemical synthesis of the substance.