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Creativity facilitates learning

Brain research and studies conducted in primary schools show that incorporating theatre, film, art and music into teaching facilitates learning – and fun.

Tomorrow’s super surgeon is a robot

Scientists have developed a mathematical method to guarantee the patient’s safety when the surgery is performed by a robot.

Scientists reinvent light

A new method enables scientists to create large, inexpensive and flexible surfaces that can emit light in the same way as an OLED TV screen. This could result in luminous clothes, glowing wallpaper and even radiant cereal packets.

New invention looks deep into the soul of cancer cells

Danish scientists have invented a method that makes MR scanners up to 100,000 times more sensitive. This makes it possible to tell instantly whether a cancer treatment is effective.

Your household appliances can be hacked

The neighbour’s kid hacks your washing machine and terrorists switch off the power in your city. These are likely future scenarios with modern technology. But now a researcher has set out to combat this.

New techniques can beautify concrete buildings

Unattractive concrete tenement blocks in suburbs have given concrete a poor reputation. But new techniques mean that concrete can be used for exciting construction projects and for building robust housing in places with difficult access.

Fuel cells speed up cyclists

Tiny fuel cells will soon be supplying energy to the numerous electronic gadgets used by amateur and elite cyclists.

Tropical tree extract can clean drinking water

A new extract can prevent parasites from entering a person’s intestines. This is an easy and cheap solution to a widespread problem – it can help over a billion people who have worms in their intestines.

How to find good sperm

Scientists have developed a new method for checking sperm quality in boars. It might be possible to use the method to check men’s sperm quality.

A new formula for avoiding supermarket queues

How do you avoid queues at the supermarket? A researcher shows the way with mathematics.