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Old concrete can purify rainwater

Strange as it may sound, concrete from your old bathroom can help make our environment greener. This is because concrete has a great ability to bind phosphorus, say the scientists behind a new project.

Abstract maths can boost machinery

Abstract mathematical models can help businesses optimise their manufacturing equipment, new study suggests.

Carbon may replace metal in mobile phones

A new technique gives scientists greater control in the production of carbon nanotubes. This may solve the problem of finding enough rare metals to produce electricity in the future.

Super magnets to strengthen tomorrow’s green energy supplies

By designing a new type of nanocomposite magnets, we can build wind turbines and electric cars that are far more energy efficient than today.

Play a computer game and help solve big physics mystery

The human brain can recognise patterns and make irrational choices much better than any computer can. Now you can help researchers develop a quantum computer by playing an online game.

Reduce office noise with pretty textiles

Using clouds, wrestlers and turtles made from textile, a researcher has come up with some aesthetically pleasing ways to reduce office noise.

Huge X-ray laser reveals new molecular state

Using a specially designed X-ray laser, researchers have managed to photograph what happens when molecules bind to or unbind from the surface of a catalyst. The findings may be an important step in the development of new forms of renewable energy.

Cloned pigs help fight human killer disease

Scientists have created a genetically modified pig that can develop human-like atherosclerosis. This may lead to completely new possibilities for diagnostics and treatment of this deadly disease.

Diagnosing patients at an early stage

The world's first sensor capable of measuring individual particles in a blood sample has been developed in Norway.

New gear eases logging operations

New portable gear for cableways makes strenuous Norwegian logging work a little easier.