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Don't go down with Kodak

Companies have to give their all on two fronts in order to be successful. They have to do what they are already good at, while also trying something new.

Celebrity ice

A colliding block of ice has caught the interest of Discovery Channel.

Gender blind research on innovation

Due to gender stereotypes, some businesses are valued more than others, Norwegian researcher claims.

We'll eat trees in the future

The discovery of special enzymes may alter our diets – and the way we look at trees.

The music of earthquakes

Guess what happens when you introduce a composer to a geologist.

Atomic-level protection for drivers

A new window on the world of atoms will make future vehicles safer in collisions.

Office buildings from the 80's go zero-emission

Two Norwegian office buildings have been renovated and represent Northern Europe’s first zero-emission buildings of their type. These are only the first of several.

Solar-powered bread baking in Ethiopia

An oven powered by solar energy is nothing new under the sun. However, the long-lasting high temperatures make this one unique.

Can young networkers revolutionise science?

A new generation of scientists is reinventing research in networks that are driven by raw passion. The industry is watching on the sidelines keen to get on the bandwagon.

New micro pills make swallowing easy

New research project aims to make pills easier to swallow by encapsulating medicine in micro-containers. The containers can be used for all types of medicine – including those currently taken by injection.