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Great East-West gradient in bowel disease incidence in Europe

A massive study reveals a significant difference in the number of people with bowel diseases in certain countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Scientists are still looking for an explanation.

Cancer enzymes are smarter than we thought

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown ability in some enzymes, which can cause cancer to spread if they are unbalanced. The discovery of this function may be crucial to more effective treatment, says researcher.

Heart surgery can induce menstruation

A new study may offer some reassurance to women of childbearing age who are facing heart surgery. The unexpected menstrual bleeding that these women often experience does not constitute a risk, as many of them fear.

Exercise does not work wonders for everyone

Some people can lose weight and gain muscle without improving their ability to regulate blood sugar, new study reveals.

New cancer drug looks promising in human trials

Initial human trials of a new Danish-American cancer drug reveal encouraging results.

You can become hypersensitive to pain

Prolonged pain in e.g. the knees can make your central nervous system extra sensitive, so that the pain remains even after the cause of the pain is gone.

New allergy cure in the pipeline

A new allergy cure is currently being tested. If the trials are successful, we may be seeing a new way of treating allergies as early as next year.

Infections may cause depression

New study establishes a link between infections and mental health. If you have had a severe infection, your risk of suffering e.g. a depression increases by 62 percent.

Breasts make life better

Women who have had one or both breasts removed surgically because of cancer are far happier if they have their breasts reconstructed, new study shows.

Malaria's deadly grip explained

Scientists have identified the protein that the deadliest malaria parasites bind to in humans. Now the way is paved for a malaria vaccine.

Norwegian elite support immigration

The social elite in Norway are more supportive of immigration than the rest of the country’s population. The elite are also very supportive of the welfare state, but not everyone with lots of money is thrilled with the redistribution of wealth.