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Older mums at increased risk of Caesarean births

Women in their 40s have three times the risk of having an emergency Caesarean section compared to women in their early 20s, a large Norwegian study shows.

We should only work 25 hours a week, argues professor

We should keep working until we’re 80. But we should only work 25 hours a week, argues the head of the new Danish Max Planck research centre.

COPD lung disease ages the body

If you are one of the many people who suffer from the COPD lung disease, your cells may wear out prematurely, new study shows.

Your face reveals risk of heart attack

The visible signs of ageing in your face can reveal your risk of suffering a heart attack.

The oldest spruce in Northern Europe is 532 years old

Northern Europe’s oldest spruce is still growing strong in a Norwegian forest. It outdates Martin Luther and was a young tree before Columbus reached the Americas.

Men soften with age

Dirty old men or asexual seniors? Men find new ways to make love when their bodies age.

We lose control of our DNA at age 55

The body starts to seriously lose grip of its DNA after 55 years, and that increases the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Jogging adds five years to your life

Run a few times a week and you’ll add five years to your life. A new comprehensive research project brings the good news after 35 years of studies.

Your genes decide how old you get

New study reveals that small molecular differences in your genes decide whether you’ll live to be 60 or 100.

Leg pain weakens sense of balance

New study could explain why so many elderly people either die or get seriously injured from fall accidents.