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Men are better at multitasking

Everyone says that women are better at doing several things simultaneously. Swedish researchers put it to the test.

Creativity linked to mental illness

Artists and researchers are more disposed toward psychiatric disorders than the general population. Authors are the most vulnerable.

Debt crisis is caused by corruption

There is a close link between the current EU debt crisis and the extensive corruption taking place in several southern European countries, according to new research on corruption.

Increased divorce rates are linked to the welfare state

Swedish research places the soaring divorce rates in recent decades on the shoulders of equal rights and social justice.

Traffic pollution threatens young lungs

Infants who live along streets with heavy traffic run higher risks of problems with impaired lung functions.

Future airplanes might be furry

Fur, feathers and other outgrowths augment motion, according to Swedish scientists.

Language studies trigger brain growth

Intensive foreign language studies enlarge areas of the brain that play a big role in language, memory and spatial navigation.

Talk about sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can get worse if nobody asks about it. At Uppsala University more than 3,000 employees have been trained to deal with the problem.

Counter coeliac disease with early glutens

Let your baby taste a little food containing glutens from the age of four months, but continue to breastfeed. This is the advice of researchers who have investigated the remarkable coeliac epidemic in Sweden.

Being big isn’t always bad

New research backs up claims that many people can be obese without an increased risk of developing or dying of heart disease or cancer.