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Fixing the heart via the brain

Thyroid gland complications can lead to heart trouble. Swedish researchers think help can be found in the brain.

Copying parental suicides

Teenagers are at particular risk of committing suicide if one of their parents attempts it ‒ especially within the first couple of years.

Foreseeing a future of fewer strokes and heart attacks

Increased health care costs in the gray-haired future might be smaller than feared as the incidents of stroke and heart attack are likely to fall in the decades ahead.

Women politicians get more bad press than men

Male politicians involved in scandals are treated more mildly in Swedish newspapers than their female counterparts, according to a recent study.

In Sweden, helping and caring are on the rise

With one of the oldest populations in the world, Sweden needs its citizens to reach out and help each other in informal, neighbourly ways. New research shows a dramatic rise in the number of Swedes who are doing exactly that.

Trains should be more like cars

A Swedish researcher rails against hazardous luggage systems.

Massages reduce stress and anxiety

Have high blood pressure? Stressed after surgery? New research suggests your doctor could prescribe gentle massage to augment more traditional hospital treatments.

Costly cacophony in open plan offices

Noisy office landscapes increase fatigue and drain motivation from employees. In Sweden alone the result may cost companies more than €240 million a year.

Job strain leads to lethargy

If you are stressed at work there’s less chance you will spend your off-hours at a gym or exercising.

Optimists win sealed-bid auctions

But optimism doesn’t always pay off. The winner can end up a loser.