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Reindeer thrive on forest diversity

An arboreal mix of species and ages is vital to effective reindeer husbandry.

Cutting weeds in the fall is no help

Gardeners must attack in the summer to get rid of many perennial weeds.

When aid sows the seeds of conflict

International aid can be a contributing factor to civil war and coup d’états, new findings suggest. The temptation of aid money or the destabilising effect of sudden aid cuts can increase the risk of conflict.

Evolution: giant leaps or half measures?

New statistical analyses suggest that evolution does not happen gradually through intermediary generations, but in a large single leap to new species.

Ape hunt ruins rain forest fruit trees

When Nigerians hunt monkeys and apes to put food on their plates they are not just jeopardizing these simians, but also the survival of fruit trees in the rain forests.

Swedish teens now toe the line

The behaviour of Swedish 15-year-olds has improved since the mid-1990s – they're less likely now to skip school, steal or drink than they were in the past.

Swedish engineers launch hackable mini-drone

A trio of friends in Sweden has created a miniature helicopter kit with open source code. Users can hack into the drone's software and adapt it to their own needs.

Whale bones found in highway were not from mystery whale

The remnants of a whale found in Sweden in 2009 are 13,000 years old and experts initially thought they were from a legendary whale species. But a DNA analysis punctured that hope.

Neurotic and anxious students do better in school

Students who are motivated by a fear of failure need help – even when their grades are excellent. This kind of motivation will lead to stress and poorer mental health.

Plumbers and hairdressers share asthma threat

Plumbers, hairdressers and painters risk developing asthma from the chemicals they encounter, despite regulations for protective gear and other safeguards.