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Butterfly with four eyespots spooks big predators

The eyespots on this butterfly's wings are big enough to scare full-grown chickens.

Swedish women struggle with stress

Nearly two-thirds of all middle-aged Swedish women experience stress. Researchers blame it on the conflicting demands posed by careers and children.

Dementia patients embrace GPS surveillance

Elderly Swedes with dementia want to be tracked by GPS, even in their own homes.

Foreign markets: high risk, high reward

Branching into markets that are culturally unlike your own poses risks, but can be a better business strategy than staying closer to home.

More bystander help for cardiac arrest victims in remote areas

More than twice as many people are surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Sweden today compared to 20 years ago – and life-saving CPR from bystanders is more likely in remote areas than in cities.

Swedish transport deregulation leads to price hikes

The idea was to increase competition and lower prices. But when domestic flights and the taxi sector were deregulated, it had the opposite result, and prices spiked, Swedish research shows.

Big EU obesity study is lightweight

A major European study of child obesity failed to include a representative number of kids whose parents are single, immigrants, undereducated or have low incomes.

The cashless society is closer than you think

A wealth of credit and debit cards and electronic payment systems is making paper bills and coins increasingly obsolete. One researcher says Sweden could be cashless in less than two decades.

Equal pay for women means less stress for men

Women and men are less likely to feel work-related stress when both sexes have equal pay and access to parental leave, according to new research.

The depression work-out

Can physical exercise be used as a way to reduce depression? A new analysis answers yes, but mainly for people with mild or moderate depression.