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Ancient marine lizard had telltale fish tail

The discovery of a fossil tail fin of the extinct marine reptile prognathodon is revolutionizing perceptions of these giant predators, which dominated the oceans in the Cretaceous Period.

Pedestrians as risky as cars for cyclists

Pedestrians are as likely as cars to cause bicycle accidents. Swedish researchers discovered the problem by mounting cameras and sensors on bikes being ridden in Gothenburg.

Our right to privacy shouldn’t be marketable

We might be irritated by the surveillance cameras in the local supermarket but tolerate the way our phones track our every move. Maintaining the right of privacy cannot be relegated to the individual or turned into a personal responsibility, according to Swedish researchers.

A microorganism's day at work

A bacterium cultivated in the highlands of Bolivia meets a microorganism from an alkaline lake in Kenya. Together they create a team of billions of tireless workers that provide humans with fuel for our vehicles or plastic bags to carry our groceries.

Paper strips that allow rapid diagnoses

Biosensors can be printed on paper, manufactured cheaply and provide instant analyses.

Rewarding safe drivers could make roads safer

Cheaper insurance rates for cautious drivers might be one way of reducing traffic accidents.

Fruit hinders abdominal aortic aneurysms

Eating more than two portions of fruit a day reduces the risk of the deadly ballooning and rupture of a main artery called the abdominal aorta.

More "disabled" in Sweden?

People in Sweden who cannot find work may be categorized as disabled, which in turn may make it more difficult for them to find employment over the long run.

Online generation starts watching porn earlier

The first generation to have had unrestricted access to online porn is now entering adulthood. Will they approach sex in the same way as previous generations?

Hypnotically induced stare captured on camera

Researchers have found an objective and replicable way of determining if a person is in a hypnotic state. You can see it in the eyes of the test subject in the following video.