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Worldviews shape personality

Ways we view the world strongly influence what sort of people we are. A worldview reflects personality and behavioural patterns, according to a Swedish researcher.

Choir members synch heart rates

When we sing in unison our bodies start to act as one.

The past can haunt you and trigger insomnia

Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, bad memories can be preventing a good night’s sleep.

Teen fitness reduces risk of adulthood suicides

A study covering over a million Swedish men chalks up another reason why young people should be physically active.

High risks for babies of obese mothers despite C-sections

Caesareans provide no reduction in risks of serious complications when very heavy women give birth.

Less gay-bashing, more Romani harassment

Swedes are filing fewer hate crime complaints now than in the past, but Norway files far fewer hate crime complaints overall than its neighbour to the east. Are Norwegians actually more tolerant or is it simply a reporting issue?

Swedish sailors injure knees on land

The knee is the most vulnerable part of the body for elite competition sailors ― but the damage is usually done on land.

Rumble strips save lives on Swedish roads

Fatal and serious traffic accidents involving only one car are down 30 percent on Swedish freeways after rumble strips were added.

Kids aren’t dummies − back seats are still unsafe

Swedish research shows that children aged four to twelve are not sufficiently protected in the rear seats of our cars.

Electroshock tames serious depression

A Swedish study shows 80 percent of patients improve with the use of longer-term electroconvulsive therapy.