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Diabetes advice: Go Mediterranean and skip breakfast

Swedish research offers unusual recommendations for diabetes patients: Skip breakfast and tuck into a large Mediterranean-style lunch instead.

Saving butterfly meadows

They are hit hard by modern land management, but butterflies can be saved by simple practical measures.

Light exercise improves mental health

Just 15 to 20 minutes of training a few times a week has a big impact on mental health. In fact it does more than pills.

Aggressive HIV subtype leads faster to AIDS

A newly discovered subtype of the HIV virus in West Africa causes a quicker progression into AIDS than other varieties of the virus known worldwide, according to Swedish research.

Red figures for Oslo - Stockholm fast train

The bottom line figures flash as red as a stoplight when using a new method of calculating the profitability of a prospective high-speed rail between the Norwegian and Swedish capitals.

Heart attacks hit women hardest

Swedish analyses show that women are more apt than men to die shortly after a heart attack.

Swedish pupils fend for themselves

The joy of learning and kids’ inner motivation are not being given enough emphasis in Swedish compulsory elementary and secondary schools, according to a recent study.

“No-touch” breakthrough for heart bypasses

Transplanted blood vessels are stronger when they are moved along with surrounding tissue. This makes coronary bypass surgery last longer.

Avert strokes and heart attacks with a walk in the woods

A real work-out is best, but ordinary, low-intensity activities can help keep the dire consequences of a sedentary life at bay.

Relevant summer jobs jumpstart careers

Contacts made in summer jobs or part-time work have an impact on how fast a young person finds permanent work after graduating from high school, according to Swedish researchers.