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Catching Atlantic cod in green light

Using fish pots and green light, Swedish fishermen want to prevent seals from stealing their catch.

Swedish farmers have doubts about climatologists

Farmers rely more on their own experiences with changing weather than on climatologists who have no agricultural experience, according to Swedish research.

Teenage girls watch porn too

Girls appreciate porn just as much as boys do, a new Swedish study indicates.

Sports help victims of bullying

Boys who are bullied may avoid enduring mental health problems if they participate in sports activities, according to a large Nordic study.

Sea creatures are threatened by our medicines

Medication ingested by humans is taken up by algae and sea creatures. Entire ecosystems can be affected, according to a Swedish researcher.

A Darwinian approach to golf

Powerful computer models use a genetic programming system for making predictions with the help of a simulated natural selection. A Swedish researcher has used the technique to find the perfect way to swing a golf club.

Chromosome Y loss explains men’s shorter longevity

Older men’s loss of the Y chromosomes can raise the risk of cancer, diabetes and premature death.

The key to worldwide success for online businesses

Scepticism prevents consumers from buying cheaper goods from online stores in other countries. Getting your site translated is part of the solution.

Guts match the surface area of a studio apartment

Our gut feeling can go down the drain when it comes to guessing the size of some of our innards.

Why does poor mimicry work?

Hoverflies mimic the appearance of wasps to avoid being eaten. But even to our untrained eyes they seem to be doing a shoddy job. So why does it work anyway?