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What are these gigantic balls of jelly in the sea?

Observations have been made of large gelatinous spheres in the ocean off the west coast of Norway. Many have seen them this year. Scientists want to know what these are.

Sufficient levels of fatty acids - without eating fish

Bhaktapur is nearly 1,000 kilometres away from the nearest ocean. Nevertheless, the Nepalese have good levels of marine fatty acids in their blood. The reason for this is a mystery to scientists.

Analysing health records without exposing sensitive information

With the aid of a computer program, researchers can now analyse information in the patient's electronic health record without compromising privacy.

This is the face of a salmon louse

Most things on our planet are too small for us to see. Powerful microscopes give scientists the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what we are missing. Check out these close-ups of some of the micro-life in our midst

What’s the best way to implement carbon capture technology?

An Oslo-based researcher has a plan.

What on earth are these slimy lumps?

Long, slimy bags were dangling from under the boat when I brought it up on land. What in Poseidon’s name are these? We went to a scientist for answers.

Economists are important in policy-making

Economists have a large impact on policy-making, Johan Christensen writes in his latest book, where he reveals that neutral bureaucrats do not exist.

Justifying gender equality through Islam

Young Norwegian Muslims are more liberal than their parents’ generation when it comes to equality and homosexuality, but both groups find support for their view in Islam, according to a new study.

Hope is green and Chinese

Heavy air pollution has led to increased environmental consciousness in China. A growing number of apps now allow people to check local air quality. Apps also serve as tools for political activism.

Why do some consider public breastfeeding as inappropriate?

Norwegian researchers warn against increasing puritanism and less rights for mothers.