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Ten ways to prevent school refusal

Are you struggling with getting your child to school? Here is some advice on what you should do as a parent – and what you should not do.

Blood test detects susceptibility to aggressive rectal cancer

Research shows that patients’ immune systems are activated to varying degrees by normal chemotherapy.

How beginners can learn to read music more efficiently

New research shows that literacy learning methods may help beginners to read music.

Genes for cold climates linked to cancer?

Norwegians and their Nordic neighbours take the high road in statistics for certain types of cancer. So do people in other cold climates. Is there a connection?

Firms hiring more persons over 55

Norway’s national pension reform in 2011 has made it easier for private businesses to “rid themselves of” older employees. But a new study shows it has also made it easier to hire older workers.

How healthy is farmed salmon?

Is farmed salmon as healthy to eat as wild salmon? And what about the health of the fish themselves?

Old patient stories help computers to predict cancer

Old paper records of Norwegian prostate patients from the archives of a 80-year-old Norwegian clinician, will now play a surprisingly crucial role in developing future machine learning methods for cancer prognosis.

Steep decline in blood pressures in Norway

But scientists and medical doctors can’t explain why.

Norwegian equality measures criticised by experts

Norway met criticism from the UN for its lack of efforts on matters of gender equality. There is now a hope that the critique may contribute to the implementation of important measures.

Asylum-seeking children get poorer

Families at reception centres for asylum seekers have already lived in poverty for many years, but are now trailing even further behind the general population in Norway.