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Pork ribs get greener

Imported soya is one of the major protein sources in diets for Norwegian pigs. But now the pigs will become more environmentally friendly.

Prime-time charging of electric cars could be a problem

If everyone drove electric cars, there wouldn’t be enough power to charge them all when people got home in the afternoon. The solutions could affect your wallet.

Democracy lost for non-members of the European Union

Why it’s so problematic to be a reluctant European – an associated non-member of the European Union.

Life or death for languages

Can languages be resurrected from the (almost) dead? Or is it fine for them to follow in the footsteps of some other languages and die a “natural” death?

How are we going to store the problem gas CO2?

CO2 is the great scapegoat of our age. Is there a way to get rid of it by burying it in the ground or beneath the sea bed?

Infants who grow fast are more prone to becoming diabetics

But scientists have yet to find out why.

Women choose family-friendly public sector jobs when they have kids

The more children a woman has, the higher the probability is that she will chose a public sector job. But a high percentage of women without children also prefer public sector jobs.

Teens with ADHD need more sleep

Sleep issues are more common among teenagers with symptoms of ADHD. And although they need more sleep, they tend to get way less than they need.

Norway’s EV purchasing spree is climate friendly

If every other passenger car in Norway is plugged into the electric network by 2020, Europe will have to produce more electricity – mainly from coal-fired power plants – to meet the demand. But it will be a plus for the climate nonetheless.

The winner takes all – support riders get nothing

Good performances in team cycling are dependent on the cohesion of the riders, established norms and involvement in the decision-making process.