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Making astrophysical simulations more accurate

The model used to measure the mass of particles such as protons and neutrons has been used by physicists for almost 50 years. Now Tomas Brauner and his research collaborators discovered that two terms in the model’s equation were missing.

OPINION: Increasing border security fences are a lethal problem for wildlife

Wire fences and walls along country boarders are a huge problem for wildlife. Animals die after getting entangled in the wires and many species are cut off from important seasonal habitats. This situation forces a re-think of conservation strategies across borders, says researcher.

Are efforts against lead contamination working?

Efforts to reduce industrial emissions of lead have been ongoing for several decades. However, some of the lead comes from natural sources, so how can scientists tell if the efforts are worth while?

Learning more about preeclampsia

Preeclampsia doesn’t usually cause complications, but sometimes things go wrong. That’s why research in this field is so important.

VIDEO: Researchers create microscopic Pac-Man

Tiny organisms star in a microscopic remake of the iconic computer game from the '80s.

Dead Sea Scrolls still conceal many stories

Norwegian researchers are trying to uncover more secrets about the mysterious Dead Sea Scrolls.

"Alcohol and other drug treatment needs to involve the family"

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is more effective when the family is involved. However, they seldom are. Why is this the case?

Why Arab youths revolted

Male domination and female oppression characterise many Arab countries. But in 2011, the youth rose up to demand change. What were the triggers?

How do Islamic extremists get power in the Middle East?

Jihadism seems to be as strong as ever and looking terribly hard to beat with armed forces.

This is why you have negative feelings after sex

Have you had sex and then regretted it or felt rejected? You aren’t alone, and nothing’s wrong with you, either.