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One step closer to quantum computing

Researchers have made a discovery that can be key to the development of faster computers that use less energy.

Professor: Norway's wealth is mostly due to luck

Norway has experienced robust growth, low unemployment and stable inflation. Professor argues that the current situation is mostly due to luck.

Studying shooting stars to improve weather forecasting

Using devices that look like old-fashioned TV antennae, physicists are improving weather forecasts by studying shooting stars in the upper atmosphere.

Making greener ship propellers

A Norwegian invention is reducing the energy that foundries need to manufacture ship propeller blades.

Researchers are generally happy with the popular press

Nine out of ten researchers in Norway are satisfied with coverage of their work in the media. Nevertheless, many think that journalists are too likely to resort to sensationalism.

Think twice about quick decision-making

Some people have a strong need to make decisions quickly. However, a high need for closure may lead to decisions that are based on poor judgment, warns researcher at BI Norwegian Business School.

Few really boost health with alcohol

Only about 15 percent of the population can use their health as an excuse for enjoying a couple of glasses of red wine daily.

Practicing nursing care in a virtual world

While Facebook wants to make the world’s best online games using the Oculus Rift headset, researchers are using the same set-up to help teach nurses how to communicate better.

Salvaged donor lungs can save lives

Donor lungs once thought unsuitable for transplant can be salvaged for use by a new method after special treatment in a purpose-built heart and lung machine unit.

Video: Understanding climate change in Greenland

During the summer of 2014 lecturers from the University of Bergen and colleagues from North America, brought a group of international PhD students to the remote town of Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland to study the dynamics of global warming at first hand.