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Why are identical products sold at different prices?

“Half of these differences can be explained by which shop you’re buying from,” says researcher.

Five tips to improve your team

People who work together in teams don’t always know to whom they should send important information. Here's how you can change that.

Putting insects on the dinner table

Norwegian students want to start farming and selling insects as food. But it may take some time before Norwegian families begin to include grasshoppers in their Friday night dinners.

How our brains process the unpredictable

Professor Stefan Koelsch looks at how we make predictions and how the brain responds if our predictions are wrong.

How to agree on the kids when you disagree with your ex

Every third couple with kids experiences high levels of conflict when they break up. The current system of mediation in divorce cases isn’t working well enough for many of them, according to a new study.

Why you should consider buying those expensive frozen peas

According to one researcher, most uf us are eating poor quality peas.

Behind every successful woman stands a strong man?

New research suggests that women entrepreneurs should find male allies to get the business ball rolling. At least if they want to increase their chances for investor support.

Why you should steam your veggies

There's no doubt: vegetables are good for you. But researchers point out that common cooking methods are wasting vital nutrients.

Why are older patients not getting the care they need?

Expertise varies among nurses, assistant nurses and assistants. In some cases, lack of competence may lead to seniors not receiving the treatment they need, according to a recent study of elderly care.

Seeing the difference between roads and forests

Colour blindness can make reading maps incredibly hard, with red roads passing through green forested areas. But help is on the way.