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Controlling PCs and tablets with hand movements

With ultrasound scientists want to develop touch-free mobile phones and tablets.

Children need time out from adult control

Too many adult-directed activities in day care centres may inhibit children's curiosity and desire to learn.

Reindeer genes show clear influence from last Ice Age

The genes of modern reindeer help scientists understand how past climates affected the species - and give clues as to how reindeer will handle future climate change.

Cyberterrorism poses limited risk

Cyberwarfare is not as simple as Hollywood would have it. A good old secret agent can do more damage than a digital attack.

Norway is on the rebound - and getting higher

Official elevations in Norway are being readjusted as the country rebounds from the last ice age. Much of the country has risen in elevation by as much as 40 centimetres.

Old and undernourished – a persistent problem

Norwegian health workers lack the time and knowledge needed to tackle geriatric malnutrition. Researchers want to know why the country continues to be plagued by weight loss in the elderly.

Breast milk is safe

Breast milk contains contaminants. But a thorough analysis of relevant research shows that the benefits of breastfeeding clearly outweigh the potential risks.

Sleep-deprived teens more likely to be depressed

Lots of young Norwegians fail to get their recommended dose of shuteye. Adolescents with sleep problems are five times as likely to suffer depression as peers who sleep well.

Exercise at home is as good as in the lab

Cardiac patients benefit from home-based high intensity training without needing the support of technicians or sophisticated equipment.

Tanzanian parks need bigger buffers

New research shows that Tanzania needs to increase the buffer zones around its national parks to minimize the conflicts between humans and wild animals.