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Oslo’s golden ghettos

Wealthy and well-educated citizens of Oslo clump continuously tighter together.

Digital aids are not helpful for all patients

The health service uses a growing amount of technology for communicating with patients. While this works well for some cancer patients, it can lead to others becoming unduly preoccupied with their illness.

Your workout could be working against you

In a Norwegian study, exercise made the participants lose less weight than expected. The reason may be increased physiological stress responses.

When rebels dressed in national costumes

Today is Norwegian Constitution Day. Dressing up in national costumes is a big part of the traditional celebration. But no more than a hundred years ago, people were spat on for dressing this way.

Dogs are sniffing out new species of truffles

With assistance of specially trained dogs, researchers have been truffle hunting in Norway. Their goal is to fill the knowledge gap on truffles – not their bellies.

Aircraft noise linked to larger waistlines

Women and men living close to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport are more likely to swell out in the middle than those further away.

Rubbish found in the deepest ocean depths

Beer cans, plastic bags and other types of human litter are scattered across the deepest seafloor.

Acid rain still affects water quality

In recent years, acid deposition has received little attention. Nevertheless, it continues to affect surface waters and aquatic organisms throughout large areas of Europe and North America.

EU cites Norway for air poor quality

Emissions of harmful atmospheric particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in Norway exceed limits stipulated by the EU Air Quality Directive.

Climate refugees hard hit by unclear laws

Several hundred million people will have fled their homes by the end of this century due to climate change. Still, the laws affecting these refugees are unclear.