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Artificial heart with Norwegian sensor

France is going to test an artificial heart on patients. Inside the heart is a Norwegian pressure sensor.

Vitamin substance suppresses inflammation

Some forms of inflammation may result in serious illness in the body. However, a substance derived from vitamin A appears to be capable of suppressing inflammatory responses.

The myth of ye olde family farm

The old family farm as a symbol of unbroken tradition and continuity is a modern myth. A couple of centuries ago, family estates were seen as a commodity, to be sold if the price was right.

CO2 scrubbing costs less on the continental shelf

Of all the CO2 that is produced in the Nordic countries, the cheapest to deal with is what is produced together with natural gas from offshore gas-fields.

Measures to limit work absence no help

Sick leave rates do not drop when employers take measures to help older employees or employees with health problems.

No math gene: learning mathematics takes practice

Practice, not innate skill, makes for good mathematicians

Cancer-patient relatives need hope

Hope is essential for supporting relatives of cancer patients in their role as caregivers.

Intuition and analytical skills matter most in a crisis

People who prefer to combine quick, intuitive decisions with analysis, make the best decisions in a crisis situation, a new study shows.

Controlling PCs and tablets with hand movements

With ultrasound scientists want to develop touch-free mobile phones and tablets.

Children need time out from adult control

Too many adult-directed activities in day care centres may inhibit children's curiosity and desire to learn.