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Online computer games force women into the closet

Women conceal their gender in order to avoid harassment in the gaming community and in the outside world.

Mysterious object found in a Stone Age settlement in Norway

Was this a tool? Was it used for decoration? The experts do not understand the purpose of the 6,000 year old object from the Neolithic period.

A new twist in understanding the brain’s maps

The brain’s GPS would be worthless if it simply contained maps of our surroundings that were not aligned to the real world. Now we know how this is done.

Ancient snow patches melting at record speed

Climate change is about to wipe out snowfields that have survived in the Norwegian mountains for 5,000 years.

Using rooftop rainwater to make drinking water

Climate change will lead to water scarcity in large parts of Africa. But there is hope – on African rooftops.

Housing first for homeless people in Norway

Homeless persons in Norway can now choose how and where they want to live.

This makes us miss the mark in completion time

Your estimate will probably be off when you are asked how long a job will take. But when the boss indicates a time frame you could miss by even a wider margin.

Bacterial DNA from the Black Death found in teeth

Remnants of the genetic makeup of plague bacteria have been found in thousands of victims of the Black Death and the major plague epidemics at the end of the Iron Age. The DNA analyses may predict the next plague outbreak.

Research to prevent future pandemics

What is the connection between parasitic infections and allergies?

Mixed feelings about beggars in Norway

NGOs and individuals offer an impressive amount of help to foreigners who beg on Norwegian streets. But feelings among Norwegians about foreign beggars remain divided.