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Abandoned teens may be likely school dropouts

“I was left with the feeling that the adult world had betrayed them,” says a researcher who interviewed school dropouts.

One million sterile farmed salmon into the sea

This year fish companies are raising one million sterile salmon in sea cages to prevent them from breeding with their wild counterparts.

Safer flights for COPD patients

A new method makes it simpler for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to know whether they need extra oxygen during flights.

One mummy – many coffins

The Egyptian elite were buried in a coffin placed inside another coffin – in ensembles of up to eight coffins. This was intended to ensure the transformation of the deceased from human to deity.

The Nordic region - a gender equality paradise?

Although the Nordic countries have been good at bringing more women into academic leadership positions, they are only at the EU level when it comes to female professors.

Key antibiotic green-lighted for pregnant women

A study of over 180,000 pregnant Norwegian women showed no increase in birth defects from a common antibiotic used for treating urinary infections.

Pregnant women shouldn’t simply surf for guidance on meds

Women round the world seek information about the use of medicines during pregnancy. Many are probably misinformed by advice found on the internet.

Female smokers should consider colon cancer risk

Smoking is a recently established risk factor for colon cancer, especially for women − even when they smoke less than half as much as men.

Parks stimulate public health

When green areas disappear we lose venues for being physically active. Youth are hit hardest by a loss of parks and undeveloped lots.

Researchers have great power in continental shelf battle

Geologists and other scientists have great power when limits are set for the continental shelf. Perhaps too much?