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What makes us buy electric cars?

Various financial benefits has led to Norway having the world's largest number of electric cars per person. But which benefit is considered the most important to the consumer?

Norwegian girls left religious culture for the freedom of New York

Women from southern Norway who immigrated to the United States after World War II swapped the religious culture they came from for modern clothes, high heels, makeup and dance.

Pregnancy can boost a sports career

A new study indicates that having a baby can be advantageous for a sportswoman. Triathlon competitor Kari Flottorp Lingsom asserts that she became even more fit after giving birth to her child.

How disasters can lead to personal growth

Follow-up support can make the difference between post-traumatic growth and post-traumatic stress. Recognition from work colleagues is all-important for what happens afterwards.

Study reveals ideal weight for staying healthy

International researchers have collected data from a staggering 30 million people to find out what weight you should keep to stay healthy.

Understanding tiny droplets can make for better weather forecasts

The study of tiny water droplets could result in more precise weather forecasts and climate models.

Project aims to help Indian farmers cope with extreme weather

It's crucial that the information is correct and up to date. By using information technology, the farmers know how to handle the constantly changing climate.

Launching a swarm of rockets to find the cause of GPS chaos

Solar storms can paralyse modern communications. Researchers will now launch a swarm of rockets to find out why. Their goal is to develop better space weather forecasts.

First graders can read like experts

With a little help, six-year-olds can read texts in the same way as adult literary scholars.

Conservative seabirds in a squeeze

Seabirds don’t like changes. This trait can kill them.