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Testosterone improved women’s sense of direction

But they didn’t reach their target destinations any quicker.

Why we need a new research center on right-wing extremism

Two researchers from the soon to be opened Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo, Norway, talk at length about extremism and hate crime in this interview.

Hiring Knut ahead of Muhammed

Despite the fact that both men have grown up in Norway and have the same education and work experience, Norwegian employers choose Knut more often than Muhammed.

The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble

Nearly half of Australia’s famed coral reef is sending serious distress signals as persistent high ocean temperatures cause corals to bleach.

Dissolving cholesterol crystals may help treat heart disease

An American mother’s hunch might result in new treatments for patients who can’t tolerale conventional cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Economic under-development leads to civil unrest

Poorer countries are more frequently stricken by mass protests and a bigger risk of civil war.

This drone will obey a winking eye

Video: Watch the underwater drone that can be guided by facial expressions.

Stone Age artists used rock art as a billboard

A series of Norwegian Stone Age rock drawings suggests petroglyphs provided information, not art.

Northern lights makes drilling for oil difficult

It may sound strange, but northern lights and oil drilling are affected by the same phenomenon.

Forgotten museum specimens shed new light on animal history

The NTNU University Museum has uncovered long forgotten specimens, such as a squirrel from 1878 and a 6,600-year-old walrus, providing new information on the history of their species.