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Ancient Arctic sea ice discovery provides the key to future climate prediction

The extent of the Arctic ice cover was much less four and five million years ago, than it is today. This new knowledge can now be used to improve future climate models.

Video: Salmon lice on sea trout and Atlantic salmon

Salmon lice have always been a natural parasite on wild salmonids. However, during the last years the infestation of salmon lice has increased on wild salmonids causing negative consequences – and especially for sea trout.

Children can wait – for higher income

The probability of having children increases significantly once people have started their professional careers.

Tomorrow’s degradable electronics

Norwegian researchers are developing electronics that disappear to order.

Norway was controlled from the pulpit

Norwegian society was totalitarian during the nearly four centuries that Norway was ruled from Copenhagen. Sermons were closely supervised and controlled by the rulers.

Why Norwegian birth rates are higher than in the rest of Europe

The Norwegian birth rate is higher than in the rest of Europe not only because they put their faith in the welfare state. They can’t imagine a good life without children.

Addicts in fear of mandatory rehab

Substance abusers whose lives are acutely at risk can be committed to compulsory rehabilitation treatment. Some become scared of, angry at, and sceptical of the health services.

Recreating clothes from the Iron Age

A few years ago, the oldest known piece of clothing ever discovered in Norway, a tunic dating from the Iron Age, was found on a glacier in Breheimen. Now about to be reconstructed using Iron Age textile techniques, it is hoped the tunic will inspire Norwegian fashion designers.

Spying on seals with videocams and sensors

Researchers are equipping seals with cameras and sensors to find out exactly what they do down in the deep blue sea.

Diagnosing arthritis with a colour scan

An easily used screening tool shines new light on how to detect arthritic inflammations.