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Data sharing improves decision making

Indo-Norwegian pilot project demonstrates how open access to biodiversity data can contribute to improved decision making.

New software allows for a personal touch to your favourite music

With a smartphone and your own body movements, music can be different each time you listen to it.

Immigrants wait longer to marry

Pakistani Norwegians marry later than they used to.

Prizes for outstanding research, innovation and communication

The Research Council of Norway’s awards for 2014 have been presented to a world-leading researcher on inner voices, a turbo-charged disseminator who gave a marathon history lecture, and a start-up company seeking to revolutionise the line fishing industry and make it easier for amateur anglers to ca

Who can make us eat healthier food?

Norwegians think national health authorities and the food industry should get chief responsibility for coaxing them into better dietary habits. But on the other hand, they don’t want anyone actually preventing them from eating whatever they want.

The Nordic welfare model is under economic and political pressure

Too many are receiving disability benefit. Too much sickness absence. Too few incentives to work.

Norwegian woods triple since WW2

Norway now has three times as much forest as it did before World War Two. The volume of growth this year will be the equivalent of nearly 100 sacks of firewood per Norwegian.

A wholesome image takes centre stage

A musicologist says old-fashioned gender roles may be putting limits on female pop artists.

Encouraging student exchange between Norway and Japan

Major differences in terms of language, culture and semester structures have been barriers in the exchange of students between Norway and Japan. A new report aims to make it easier for Norwegian institutions to co-operate with the Asian science giant.

Jailhouse rock gives convicts feeling of freedom

“The music becomes a way of dealing with jail existence. But it can also help in managing a life outside,” says a researcher who has studied the effect of rocking behind bars.