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With kids in the house, mothers are less satisfied

A mother’s life satisfaction and relationship satisfaction goes downhill in the first years following pregnancy and birth, according to a new study of more than 67,000 women.

Vaccine against pancreatic cancer

A professor at the University of Oslo has developed a cancer vaccine that can prolong the life expectancy of patients with pancreatic cancer. Now he is testing a new vaccine that hopefully is able to kill all types of cancer cells.

Animals that might exist

Cryptozoology isn’t just about abominable snowmen and dinosaurs hiding out in highland lakes. Normal animals also have their place in the study of creatures that are still hypothetical. Anyway, what do we mean by normal?

Norwegian researchers encounter Chinese wall

Researchers in Norway feel China is taking retribution against them because the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 was awarded to the Chinese writer and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo.

Targeted DNA vaccine uses an electric pulse

Future vaccines against infections, influenza and cancer can be administered using an electrical pulse and a specially-produced DNA code, which programs the body’s own cells to produce a super-fast missile defence.

Fishermen want cod

Better prices cause the coastal fleet to prioritise cod over haddock and saithe.

Stable workload for Norwegian researchers

The amount of time Norwegian researchers spend on research and teaching has remained stable for ten years. There is a clear correlation between how much academic employees work and how much they publish.

Locating hazardous substances

Large areas of the seabed in a Norwegian fjordsystem are polluted with hazardous substances. To remedy this, researchers have developed models that point out the worst patches of the seabed.

Equal opportunities at a standstill

Gender balance in the labour market has improved little in Norway over the last 20 years, but there is a growing proportion of female managers.

What creates success at work

A strong focus on comparing employee performance does not necessarily create the best achievements. In order to be successful, a mastery climate must also be created.