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Collaborating to improve lives

Multidisciplinary cooperation improves the life quality of child cancer survivors.

Norwegian enough for local politics?

Persons with non-Western ethnic backgrounds must be “sufficiently Norwegian” to get nominated to a position in local politics.

Old disputes on using the Nile may soon be solved

Millions of people in need of water are unable to utilize the Nile due to old obscure agreements. Research now shows that several of the treaties are no longer valid.

A flounder in fizzy water

It is all well and good to store CO2 under the seabed. But what if the CO2 starts to leak?

Feed your genes

The genes have spoken: your dinner plate should be divided into three, and you should eat six times a day.

The United States arms most dictatorships

China is often accused of supporting totalitarian regimes in Africa. But the United States arms far more African dictatorships than China does.

Gene therapy for ears

Gene therapy may someday in the future replace the use of implants in deaf people. The carrier for this gene medicine may be derived from shrimp shells.

Flew through the aurora

A successful flight over Svalbard with the ICI-3 research rocket

Dilemmas of mining

The mining industry wants to extract the valuable metals and minerals that can be found in Norwegian mountains, but what to do about the huge amount of waste?

Cognitive impairments persist

Many patients who have survived serious ailments or a cardiac arrest experience a lingering cognitive impairment.