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What’s the deal with morning breath?

While you sleep the bacteria in your mouth are forced onto a low-carb diet. They protest by gassing your breath with sulphur.

School screening tests misused

Screening tests designed to spot pupils who need extra assistance in reading, are used to rank schools. Also pupils are trained specifically for the tests to maximise their scores, claims Norwegian reading expert.

Research data becomes Russian state secret

Russian authorities have seized Norwegian research data from the Barents Sea as they insist that it contains top-secret information. After three and a half years, the researchers still haven’t received their data or the equipment.

Norse gods in a crusade for Europe

This week the trial has started against the man behind the terrorist attacks on Norway last summer. "Right-wing extremists draw on pre-Christian religion to build alternative power," says theology professor.

Microbe masters

Viruses, bacteria and parasites make us sneeze, poop or scratch our behinds. Can they also be behind some of the world’s major cultural differences?

Both rainforest and peasants need protection

Preserving the rainforests might come at a price. The indigeneous people of the Indonesian rainforest could loose their livelihood.

Preparing for a post-oil era

Norway has developed three global industries that can succeed oil production: the offshore, maritime and seafood industries.

Which winter sport is the riskiest?

The ski jumpers dream of new records in today's Ski-Flying World Championship. Norway only managed a disappointing 9th place in the World Cup Super G skiing race in Switzerland yesterday. But behind the records and achievements of winter sports are injuries and accidents.

Measuring the fear of immigrants

In many European countries there are negative attitudes towards immigrants, which may be due to fear. Now a team of researchers have developed a tool to measure xenophobia.

The illusion of light constricts pupils

Which of the figures below is brightest in the middle? Maybe when your brain plays tricks on you it isn’t a mistake, but rather a sort of improvement on reality.