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Food intolerance is linked to different disorders

Are you convinced you can’t handle dairy products, bread or fruit? Our own perceptions of having a food intolerance appear to link closely to diagnoses such as irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Norwegians worry about gay and lesbian parenthood

Although most Norwegians support same-sex marriage, only a minority give their full support to gay and lesbian couples’ right to adopt children.

Gender when crisis strikes

People have different needs in a crisis situation. But how do the humanitarian aid workers tackle differences between men and women in times of crisis?

Why women choose ICT

It’s about time that we explore what includes women in the ICT field and stop focusing on what excludes them, according to the author of a new book on gender and ICT.

Counting fetal movement may reveal low fetal activity

Fetal movement counting is a safe way of helping pregnant women to discover reduced fetal activity at an earlier stage.

Sperm evolution in songbirds

The sperm of songbirds swim ten times faster than human sperm. Sperm cells are the most variable cells in the whole animal kingdom when it comes to size.

Young and old use social media for surprisingly different reasons

Young and old Norwegians have different reasons for using social media websites, but younger users are becoming bored with social networks.

Faith in a new country

Are faith communities helping immigrants to integrate, or isolating them from their fellow countrymen? It can cut both ways, according to new research.

Immigration in the Viking era

The stalwart peasant. Christianity. Ibsen, Grieg and the poet-priest Petter Dass. A glance at history indicates the Norwegian archetypes have immigrant backgrounds. So who are the Norwegians actually?

Men soften with age

Dirty old men or asexual seniors? Men find new ways to make love when their bodies age.