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Fat bubbles and ultrasound fight cancer

Cancer treatment is now more precise. Encapsulated chemotherapy strikes the dangerous tumor right on. Ultrasound spreads the poison in the cancer tissue.

Early diagnosis will slow dementia

The prevalence of dementia will increase dramatically in the coming decades. But early diagnosis can provide a basis for effective treatment.

Class size does matter, but only for some

Reducing the size of a class helps hard-working girls and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, but has no effect on other student groups.

Living on the edge with base jumping

Base jumpers may seem like they are tempting death, but they do it to feel that they have mastered life.

Nordic quest for gold medals

Norway may claim to be the Nordic country with the strongest tradition of decentralisation and egalitarianism. But it has the most centralised system for fostering elite sports.

Serious ruptures during deliveries are on the decline in Norway

For forty years the number of serious tears of tissue among women giving birth was on the rise in Norway. Now the occurrence of these injuries is declining due to preventive measures.

11 hours of parental training increases babies' intelligence

A short training program for parents with premature children can lead to increased intelligence in the child, along with fewer behavioural problems.

Letting Latin go at last

Until recently it wasn’t enough just discovering a new species of flora. A scientist would have to know a sufficient amount of Latin to describe the plant. Now the rules have finally been changed.

The body's beautiful jewels

They look like beautiful precious stones. In a crystallised form, proteins can provide invaluable contributions to cancer research and vaccine development.

The chemistry of cake baking

Most cakes contain eggs, milk, flour and sugar. Now there’s a way to make them without one or more of these ingredients.