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Remove TV from children’s bedrooms

Obesity among European pre-schoolers is hitting record levels. TV-watching and computer games should be replaced by active play, both at home and in the day cares.

The Newspaper Revolution

Originally, the newspaper industry was designed to produce print newspapers. Today the same industry is built around companies that mediate and coordinate information, news and products.

Experts risk unifying Breivik’s incoherent ideology

In Oslo Courthouse, terrorist Anders Behring Breivik presents ideological references that bounce in all directions. The commentators might inadvertently construct a comprehensive ideology out of mishmash.

Desperate fishwives

Breeding is on their minds, as the season draws to an end. Guys drop dead by the hour, making goby girls go all out in their hunt for a mate to father their offspring.

When policemen blow the whistle on their own colleagues

Is it true that policemen avoid reporting on colleagues who break the law? Perhaps not. A new study shows that policemen do blow the whistle and that the crimes are not treated with no leniency.

Researching media coverage of Breivik trial

Researcher Lars Arve Røssland is charting the media’s coverage of the ongoing trial in Oslo of the right-wing extremist who killed 77 persons last summer. “This trial differs from anything the Norwegian media has ever encountered,” he says.

Public employees slow down school reform

Implementation of the latest school reform in Norway is sluggish in municipalities with many public employees. Firing some of them might speed things up.

Making a game of research

Tablet computers are being adopted by behavioural scientists as a more efficient way to get information from young children.

No invasion of trees to the Arctic

The treeline is expected to move further north, as the climate gets warmer. But we can hardly speak of an invasion.

When the state takes your child

A child custody row between the Norwegian state and an Indian couple living in Norway has caused a big stir. A recently published study reveals when and why social workers split up families.