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Memory training is overrated

Working memory training programs will not help in treating ADHD, or boost your IQ.

Quantity outpaces quality in Norwegian research

Norwegian researchers publish increasingly more articles but their work is declining in quality and the country’s system for financing it deserves much of the blame, claims Norwegian professor.

Cats and dogs suffer from post operative stress

Surgery is regularly carried out on cats and dogs, but up until now little has been known about the surgical stress response in these animals.

Tooling around with Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees from the Savanna use human-like tools to dig up roots and potatoes. This is one of the behaviours that people used to believe was uniquely human.

Putting the squeeze on food bacteria

Using twice the pressure you would find at an ocean depth of 11,000 metres we can rid food of bacteria in a new and rather delicate way.

Cheap hamburger could be choice steaks

Little Norwegian beef ends up being served as steaks. With new feeding and butchering techniques the country’s cattle could provide more whole cuts and less minced or ground beef.

Political views affected 22 July commemoration

Despite vows to put politics aside after the Norwegian terror attacks 22 July 2011, people's political views did influence their participation in commemorating the victims.

Less thicket and more crows are not good for ptarmigan

A marked decline in the numbers of willow ptarmigan shot in Northern Norway is not proof of hunters being poorer shots. Less thicket and more crows must take some of the blame for a declining population.

Blocking the effects of heroin

The euphoric effects of heroin can be blocked using a drug called naltrexone.

Convenience food – easy to eat and hard to swallow

Time-squeezed Norwegians gobble up ready-to-eat meals like crazy. But not without guilt pangs.