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Forecasting Malaria

A new model for forecasting malaria epidemics is developed by researchers from Ethiopia and Norway.

Creating the next generation power stations

New membrane technology and long-term trials will bring another source of renewable energy one step closer to viability.

Healthier food for day care children

The food now served in kindergartens is healthier than it used to be. Children are given fewer cakes and sweet drinks, and more of whole grain bread and vegetables.

Police learn how to shoot in cyberspace

The firearms training simulator, with a bit of personality and experience, can help police recruits learn how to handle critical situations.

Birth can reawaken the trauma of rape

Eight out of ten women who have been raped experience complications during their first birth.

Controversy over mass graves in the North

In 1915, ninety-four Sami skeletons were dug up in a town in northern Norway and sent to Oslo. The decision to repatriate and rebury the skeletons has been controversial.

The cost of changing your mind

People tend to be less satisfied with a decision if they arrived at it after changing their minds – even if the outcome is the same.

Passion for science begins with inquiry

Inquiry-based learning can stimulate greater student interest in science and scientific careers. A team of researchers has been working on implementing such teaching methods in schools across Europe.

Should we blame the Sun?

Is climate change man-made or is global warming due to solar insolation? Norwegian researchers have looked into a hypothesis that claims the Sun is to blame.

Secrets in the cemetery

A grave is like a time capsule. Archaeologists literally burrow into them to get insights into past beliefs and religious conceptions.