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Highly developed brains behind top performances

World-class performers in management, sports and music often have a uniquely high mind-brain development.

The buildings that tell us who we are

Abandoned school houses receive little attention from central cultural heritage authorities. But for local people the modest buildings represent identity and roots.

A brainier website was launched yesterday with the help of some the world’s leading neuroscientists. The new site will provide the general public with authoritative information about the brain.

Save your skin in the sun

Twenty minutes in the sun is good for you but beware of getting burned.

Would you prefer to be thin or get bowel cancer?

The ongoing debate about low carbohydrate diets is far from over. Research shows that a bad diet is a more likely cause of cancer than tobacco.

Inhibiting bacteria growth in sushi

Traditional acidic sushi rice and fresh wasabi inhibit the growth of bacteria in sushi. This improves the quality and gives longer shelf life for sushi dishes and is valuable information for consumers and producers.

Warmer climate – fewer storms

Diminishing sea ice in the Arctic Ocean could mean fewer storms. Researchers have gained new insight into the relationship between climate change and storms caused by polar low-pressure systems.

Mankind's remotest relative is the protozoan

Mankind's remotest relative is a very rare micro-organism from south-Norway. The discovery may provide an insight into what life looked like on earth almost one thousand million years ago.

Addiction - a growing menace

Addiction is on the rise in Europe. An increasing number of young people are unable to control their use of drugs, alcohol, sex, computer games, technology, shopping, dieting or exercise.

Cuts in benefits give increase in the number of poor children

Benefits for families with children do not comply with the wage development in Norway. For the last ten years, there has been an increase in the number of poor families with dependent children.