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The mysterious stone Madonna of the North

Saved from mould and darkness, she’s a source of mysteries – Norway’s one and only painted stone Madonna from the Middle Ages.

All bees are accounted for

Bees have great ecological and economic impact because of their important role in pollinating plants. Now, after several years of intense mapping of these industrious insects, all of Norway's bee species have been surveyed and catalogued.

CO2 map provides quality control for climate research

A new atlas depicts the actual amounts of CO2 in the surface water of all the oceans. It will be used to control climate models and aims to make IPCC reports more reliable.

Life after the Ice Age

Life after the last Ice age was hard, say the archaeologists who dig for clues about the first settlers in Northern Norway.

3D radar study of northern lights

The atmosphere is electric high above us. Now scientists want to see the stream of particles that make up the Aurora Borealis – in 3D.

Why don’t teeth heal themselves?

Teeth heal themselves to a certain extent. But due to a lack of the right cells they have no chance against visible caries.

Politics blend with art in modern protest on old chinese platter

New and old, politics and art meet when potter Paul Scott states his protest against the arrest of Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei.

Blind-friendly vending machine

With audio feedback and simple gestures on a touch screen, ticket vending machines can now also be used by the blind and the visually impaired.

Nasty nasal parasite

A parasite found in a reindeer’s nose 25 years ago may not be the most appealing creature to most people, except for scientists.

Analogue text still the best learning tool

Old fashioned printed text on paper gave best results in a new study of learning tools, but multimedia tools also proved effective. Schools need to know more about the different learning tools, says researcher.