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Northern biolab for rent

If you have some good bio-tech ideas but no place to test them, you might consider a travel to the far North.

Legacy of a dexterous northerner

Tromsø University Museum has a rocking chair of unknown origin, which demonstrates the handicraft of ordinary people.

A murky glass mystery

Discovered by accident, it's useful as a window coating. When the sun shines, this compound gets darker. But why? Scientists have yet to find out.

Unique runestone made world heritage

A unique runestone, which is the first to mention ‘Norway’ as a country, has been added to a list of world heritage documents of international importance.

New material for solar cells

The raw materials are abundant, cheap and environmentally friendly. Metal hydrides can represent the next breakthrough for solar power.

Make your baby bilingual

Linguists say it’s never too early to learn two languages.

Soft leadership pays off in hard cash

Supervisors who support their staff have happier employees and a better bottom line.

Explaining financial prices

The buying and selling of government bonds by banks accounts for 25 percent of the daily price changes in the market. Order flows can be used to predict future price changes.

Helping farmers improve fish welfare

How can injuries and deformities in farmed fish be reduced? Scientists aim to improve practical and state-of-the-art knowledge on this matter.

Customers do the work – and love it

Customers are more appreciative of services they have personally participated in producing.