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Addiction - a growing menace

Addiction is on the rise in Europe. An increasing number of young people are unable to control their use of drugs, alcohol, sex, computer games, technology, shopping, dieting or exercise.

Cuts in benefits give increase in the number of poor children

Benefits for families with children do not comply with the wage development in Norway. For the last ten years, there has been an increase in the number of poor families with dependent children.

Polish workers get stuck in stereotype

Some 140,000 Poles have migrated to Norway since 2004. Many of them find jobs in construction work, but the contracts are usually short-term and cultural stereotypes bar them from higher positions.

How much of a workaholic are you?

Norwegian researchers have developed a new tool enabling you to find out how hard it is for you to leave your work behind. Test yourself here.

Breivik displayed at least six of eight warning signs

Anders Behring Breivik’s conduct prior to his murderous terrorist attack on 22 July 2011 conforms to the type of behaviour that can identify people who pose a threat to society.

Helping kids who developed sleep disorder after controversial vaccination

Children and adolescents who developed narcolepsy following the mass vaccinations during the global outbreak of swine flu can now expect better support from Norway’s public health services.

Norwegian sea eagles nest in Ireland

The white-tailed sea eagles nest in Ireland for the first time in over 100 years.

Mapping marine life before oil drilling starts

Foul-smelling bubbles rise from the floor of the Barents Sea. Living organisms in these depths are being studied before the oil and gas industry starts drilling operations.

Think in terms of time, not money

If you look at a budget, not as money but as work hours, it becomes obvious that spending lots of money isn’t the solution.

More effective chemotherapy with focus on tissue

The tissue surrounding a malignant cancer tumour is probably more important than we had believed in a chemotherapy context.