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‘Likes’ provide humanitarian support

According to a Norwegian study, ‘likes’ on Facebook are providing a new type of humanitarian support and social responsibility.

How important is the nose?

New experiments show how important the human nose is to our appearance.

Visualises controversial technology

A designer has come up with a way to visualise radio frequency identification (RFID), a technology that has raised concerns because of its potential to store personal information.

Geoengineers can only give us a breather

Cloud brightening and other mega-scale projects to reduce the amount of solar radiation reaching our planet are risky, scientists say.

Targeted action for biodiversity is also needed in organic agriculture

Organic farms without targeted measures to promote biodiversity, such as the creation of species-rich habitats, only harbour marginally more species than other farms.

Traces of skin lotion found in Atlantic cod

That nice, silky smooth feeling you get when you rub yourself with your favourite lotion, comes from maybe not so nice chemicals.

Lost faith in democracy? Blame the teacher!

Students who feel they are treated unfairly by their teachers lose faith in democracy, according to Swedish findings.

1 in 6 children develop PTSD after a traumatic event

Children who are abused, experience war or terrorism, develop post-traumatic stress disorder more often than children who experience natural disasters, injury due to an accident or sudden death of a parent.

ADHD drug does not trigger suicidal thoughts

Swedish research shows that there is no link between the ADHD medication atomoxetine and suicide.

Swedes and Danes dominate Scandinavian Midsummer Eve

A survey shows only 15 percent of Norwegians now celebrate the ancient festivities around the summer solstice.