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The music of earthquakes

Guess what happens when you introduce a composer to a geologist.

Atomic-level protection for drivers

A new window on the world of atoms will make future vehicles safer in collisions.

The ice retreats – whale food returns

This is good news for the bowhead whales in the waters around Svalbard, which almost became extinct in the 19th century. It could also put the Euopean whalers in the clear.

Where did Norway’s reindeer come from?

With the help of well-preserved archaeological material, the researchers hope they will get some answers.

Fishing: Big increase in catch-and-release

Anglers have in the last few years become steadily more likely to release their catches after reeling them in. Most of these fish survive the ordeal, but it is far from painless.

A call for deep ocean stewardship

Humankind needs and depends upon the world’s deep ocean – which spans more than half our planet. Yet still, the knowledge about it is poor.

“Mathematics can be more exquisite than poetry”

“Because sometimes it yields totally unpredictable answers,” says Yakov Sinai. The Russian mathematician has been awarded this year’s Abel Prize – often referred to as the Nobel Prize for mathematics.

Limited gene flow among brown bears in Northern Europe

The estimation of gene flow points to a connectivity of the bears between Southern Finland and Western Russia, while migration between Scandinavia and Northern Finland appears to be limited.

Protein found that can save colon cancer patients

Patients under treatment for colon cancer who have only a small amount of a certain protein in their tumour are at a high risk of relapse. New information about these tumours can be used in targeted treatment that saves lives.

Paleontologist makes music video to convey his research on the fossil Ida

He uses the occasion to let off a little steam that has been building up over the past five years.