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Tourism cannot sustain North Norway

Norwegian national planners have a tendency to tout the importance of tourism for northern Norway. But tourism does not necessarily make a local community in the North more vigorous.

Urgent need to recycle rare metals

Rare earth metals are important components in green energy products such as wind turbines and eco-cars. But the scarcity of these metals is worrying the EU.

Listening in on doctor-patient consultations

Nearly 200 consultations in doctors’ offices have now been transcribed and made available for extensive research. Early studies show the difficulties doctors face discussing existential issues with their patients.

Expanding mountain forest promotes climate warming

Birch forest is currently expanding in mountain regions because of climate warming and reduced grazing pressure. A recent study shows that increased mountain forest promotes climate warming.

Antioxidants can reduce the effect of endurance training

If you are taking high daily doses of the antioxidants vitamins C and E you risk getting less out of your workout.

Focus on local sushi ingredients

Sushi is more popular than ever. However, many of the ingredients are imported from Asia. But Norwegian researchers are now cultivating an alternative to the popular Wakame seaweed salad that doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles.

No improvement in chronic fatigue with new medicine

Researchers hoped they had found the first effective drug against CFS, but the patients ended up just as exhausted as before.

Mysterious code in Viking runes is cracked

A runic code called jötunvillur has finally been decrypted. It just might help solve the mystery of the Vikings’ secret codes.

Teens’ breakfast habits affect future health

Adolescents who skip breakfast or opt for something sugary in the morning are raising their risks of health problems as adults.

Pesticide cocktails cause environmental risk

The risk assessment of pesticide is usually performed on individual compounds. The combination of these environmental chemicals may however give rise to unexpected and unwanted effects.