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Fitness targeted in school gym classes

Raising pulses and preventing obesity in gym class are becoming more important than gaining motor skills. A professor strongly opposes to this.

Daughters ignored as leaders of the family business

Who should take over the business after dad? Sons are still preferred to girls in family businesses.

Breeding gluttons in the battle against salmon lice

Scientists have started to breed fish which have a special liking for consuming salmon lice. The preference for salmon lice seems to be a genetic trait.

India: An Economic Giant, but a Hungry Nation

India has been the poster child of freedom and democracy for over six decades, but why is it not able to adequately feed its poor?

Grip strength can indicate your cause of death

Elderly people who still have a firm grip might have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, strokes and various accidents, according to a Norwegian study.

Three-step drying keeps people fed in Faroe Islands

“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” Dylan’s refrain is also applicable to the question of how fish, meat and poultry can make it to the plate year round without a freezer or fridge.

’Twas dangerous to insult a Viking

You had to watch your tongue during the Viking era. Insulting someone could get you killed on the spot. But could you get away with murder?

Clear link between sexting and partner violence

Teenagers who send digital messages with sexual contents are far more exposed to violence in love relationships than others.

Genetic defect makes some nearly immune to morphine

When one patient received 60 times the normal dose of morphine, and still didn’t notice anything, the doctor called the scientists at NTNU.

More efficient employees without a commanding boss?

A rapidly-changing world requires new management styles and organisational designs. Don't just tell the employees what to do - rather, help them to work better among themselves.