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Insufficient follow-ups of cancer survivors

“It’s like sending people off to war and declining to take care of them when they come home,” says Norwegian physician and psychiatrist.

Talks help children with dysfunctional parents to cope

Children with parents suffering from addiction or mental health issues are often faced with great challenges in their everyday lives. Conversation and information may help them to deal with the difficulties.

Chinese lesbian women in facade marriages

Most lesbian women in China want to appear as normal as possible. This involves being married to a man.

Researchers take tourism to a higher level

When research hooks up with the travel business, tourists can expect much more meaningful experiences. This is seen in research on whale safari tourism.

"Mhm" and other sounds that help in conversations

Sounds that fill in the spaces in conversations serve a vital function.

Solar-powered bread baking in Ethiopia

An oven powered by solar energy is nothing new under the sun. However, the long-lasting high temperatures make this one unique.

Jacket with built-in mobile phone made to save lives

Imagine there is a fire raging in a building when the fire leader sends out a message. The firefighters all take a look at their jacket sleeves and read it.

Easy to gag Russian regime critics

The powerful Russian political elite restricts freedom of speech by quasi-legal harassment. A typing error on a form can prevent an opposition politician from running for Office.

Suffering morphs into cosiness in Easter celebrations

Anyone who wishes to be faithful to old Norwegian Easter traditions should eat salted herring and black pudding on Long Friday.

Calls for more passive houses

If all Norwegians completely renovated their houses, vast amounts of electricity could be saved and used elsewhere, estimates show.