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Fitness addicts get withdrawal symptoms just like alcoholics

People addicted to exercise experience withdrawal symptoms just like alcoholics and other addicts do, a new study reveals.

Chemical compound slows down accelerated ageing in cells

Recent findings offers a new perspective on ageing and brings hope to people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

Debunked: extreme exercise isn’t harmful

Are hours of daily exercise unhealthy? No, says researchers behind a new report.

Researcher: patients can't speak openly about mental illness

Patients suffering from mental illness feel they can't speak openly about their illness, new study reveals.

New online game will change kid's understanding of language

Researchers put focus on the pecularities of spoken language in new online game for kids and high schoolers.

Nutritional supplements keep dying HIV patients alive

Scientists say nutritional supplements can play a key role in combating the deadly disease.

Scientists are creating a whole new class of antibiotics

Danish researchers are developing a new class of antibiotics to fight the growing threat of superbugs.

Parents are blind to their children's excess pounds

Parents don’t see it when their children are overweight -- rather they worry they could be too skinny. But does the responsibility for children’s weight problems lie with the parents alone?

Researchers develop best method yet for turning CO2 into fuel

Danish researchers develops most effective technique to date for turning CO2 into methanol which can be used in fuel cells or to store electricity.

Your body can be scanned for infections

Researchers are designing a procedure that will enable doctors to scan your body for infections.