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Third-world obesity linked to foetal underweight

A Danish professor argues in the journal Science that fighting infections in developing countries also means we can overcome problems with obesity and diabetes in the third world.

Oysters are more complex than we think

Scientists have finally mapped the genome of oysters. This has given us new knowledge about life on the sea bottom and provides insight into the creation of pearls.

Dramatic changes in Arctic food chain

The collapse of Greenland’s lemming population cycle has disastrous consequences for a number of predators.

Greenlanders strove for change

If Greenlandic culture has been ruined, Denmark is not to blame. Greenlanders wanted to have their opportunities expanded beyond their old sealing and whaling-based culture, argues Greenlandic historian.

Alarming loss of biodiversity in protected areas

The natural environment is in a far worse state than feared, according to the most comprehensive study so far of conditions in a large number of protected tropical forests.

OPINION: Is Danish welfare facing a break-up?

Denmark is now discussing a break with the philosophy of universalism, although social expenditure in the Nordic countries is no higher than in Germany or France.

New camera detects chemicals

Soon it may be possible to diagnose diseases, measure pollution and analyse food – with a camera.

For Icelanders, it pays to be weird

For a century, Iceland tried to be just like other European countries. But suddenly the people in the far North decided to become a bit different.

Flu vaccine may cause narcolepsy

The influenza vaccine Pandemrix has been associated with an abrupt increase in the incidence of childhood narcolepsy in Finland and Sweden.

Victims of sex trafficking return home to great expectations

Nigerian women who sell sex on the streets of Europe are met with huge expectations from their families when they return to Africa.