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Altitude training is little more than placebo

Sleeping at high altitudes, in the mountains and in so-called altitude houses, does not improve the body’s ability to take up oxygen, a new study concludes.

What Vikings really looked like

Were Vikings really dirty savages who wore horned helmets, or did they look like we do today? Here’s what the experts say.

Swine flu vaccine does not harm your baby

Pregnant women can be vaccinated against swine flu without fear of negative consequences. A new study documents that the vaccine does not harm unborn babies. But another study confirms a suspicion that the vaccine can cause neuritis in elderly people in very rare cases.

Greenland is rising out of the sea

Melting ice is currently causing Greenland to rise by 3 cm a year. This rate is accelerating, and if the entire ice sheet is to disappear, the island would rise about one kilometre, new GPS readings reveal.

Gene worsens MS in drug treatment

Multiple sclerosis patients cannot tolerate drugs that might otherwise benefit other patients with similar diseases. Sensational new genetic research has figured out why.

Remains of gigantic meteorite crater found in Greenland

A Danish geologist has discovered remains of what appears to be the world’s largest and oldest meteor impact crater in Greenland.

Phantom limb pains are permanent

Amputating a leg or an arm can lead to nerve cells forming knots (ganglions) that can be extremely painful for the patient, who feels a pain in the amputated limb. A new study shows that removing ganglions is not a solution, as they appear to regenerate.

UV light turns mushrooms into vitamin D bombs

Mushrooms produce large amounts of vitamin D when illuminated with ultraviolet light. This discovery could make mushrooms a big hit with vitamin D-starved Scandinavians.

Did a recently found bird spear belong to a kidnapped Greenlander?

A recent archaeological find in Copenhagen – a bird spear from the Thule culture – has put focus on expeditions to rediscover Greenland 400 years ago and the expeditions’ kidnapping of Greenlanders.

Common ADHD treatment has no effect

New PhD thesis finds no documented effect of a widespread form of treatment which aims to teach children with ADHD to succeed socially.