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Bad sunning habits increase skin cancers

Eight times as many Norwegians are now stricken with melanoma skin cancers as in 1953. Sweden is also seeing a spike in melanoma cases.

Training for life after cancer

A tough training regime helps cancer patients recover and revitalise.

Easier to talk to health workers about cancer than family

Some breast cancer patients are more comfortable discussing their situation with health personnel than with family and friends.

Mindfulness helps against anxiety and depression

Mindfulness is the great buzz word in women’s magazines and self-development books. New research shows that mindfulness actually works, provided that it’s “done correctly”.

Male gene teaches us about breast cancer

Men with breast cancer have a special gene variant, new study shows. The discovery provides new answers to why both women and men get breast cancer.

Discovers aggressive breast cancers

It is now possible to identify aggressive breast cancers by interpreting the mathematical patterns in the cancer genome.

New invention looks deep into the soul of cancer cells

Danish scientists have invented a method that makes MR scanners up to 100,000 times more sensitive. This makes it possible to tell instantly whether a cancer treatment is effective.

Cancer patients with high vitamin D levels live longer

The risk of dying from cancer is more than 2.5 times higher in patients with low vitamin D levels compared to patients who have high levels of the same vitamin.

Can repulsive photos make smokers quit?

Scary pictures of cancerous lungs and blackened teeth on cigarette packs have the desired effect, says researcher. They make people stop smoking.

New cancer drug shows great promise

A new drug for cancer treatment is making good headway. “We’re getting close to our goal,” say scientists.