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New and radiaton-free method of cancer detection in testing now

It will now be possible to detect cancer by measuring the elasticity of tumours. The method is cheap, safe and radiation-free.

Synthetic supermolecule to fight cancer, arthritis and herpes

They look like tiny trees and they can be used to produce everything from printer ink to cancer drugs. New book outlines the great therapeutic potential of the supermolecules known as dendrimers.

Endocarditis may indicate cancer

New research reveals a link between an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart and cancer, particularly in the abdominal region.

Cancer research in peril

A lack of funding and co-operation with pharmaceutical companies is stifling Norwegian cancer research, warn researchers and industry representatives.

Fertility help doesn’t raise cancer risks

Women receiving hormonal stimulation to aid them get pregnant are not increasing their risk of cancer. Contrarily, infertility appears to heighten chances of contracting the disease.

Transplantation - a risky treatment

Stem cells taken from bone marrow can save lives, but can also have fatal side effects.

Bad sunning habits increase skin cancers

Eight times as many Norwegians are now stricken with melanoma skin cancers as in 1953. Sweden is also seeing a spike in melanoma cases.

Training for life after cancer

A tough training regime helps cancer patients recover and revitalise.

Easier to talk to health workers about cancer than family

Some breast cancer patients are more comfortable discussing their situation with health personnel than with family and friends.

Mindfulness helps against anxiety and depression

Mindfulness is the great buzz word in women’s magazines and self-development books. New research shows that mindfulness actually works, provided that it’s “done correctly”.