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Cancer research

The body's beautiful jewels

They look like beautiful precious stones. In a crystallised form, proteins can provide invaluable contributions to cancer research and vaccine development.

Searching for breast cancer gene in younger women

A very aggressive form of breast cancer, which appears to be caused by genetic mutations, is affecting women under the age of 40. Researchers will now try to find the genes responsible for the disease.

The hunt for prostate cancer

New biomarkers can make hunting for prostate cancer more accurate.

Immune cells from healthy people pulverise cancer

Immune cells from healthy individuals could be the new immune cure for cancer. This treatment can kill cancer cells without destroying neighbouring cells.

Vaccine against pancreatic cancer

A professor at the University of Oslo has developed a cancer vaccine that can prolong the life expectancy of patients with pancreatic cancer. Now he is testing a new vaccine that hopefully is able to kill all types of cancer cells.

A most unusual cancer patient

One of humankind's genetic cousins is baker's yeast. That makes this humble yeast a perfect guinea pig for cancer research.