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Cancer research

New scans aid brain cancer treatment

A new MRI technique offers better images of brain tumours and quicker diagnoses. It can also help doctors decide more quickly to halt the use of ineffective medications.

Spit can reveal disease

Swedish scientists say in the near future a simple saliva test will suffice to reveal serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

Sugar molecules blow the whistle on breast cancer

Sugar molecules in the body play a far more important part in the development of breast cancer than was previously believed.

Cancer researchers strive to predict chemotherapy resistance

A main obstacle to a cancer cure is chemoresistance. A new test is developed to identify resistant patients before treatment starts.

Huge study finds 60 genetic causes of cancer

More than 60 parts of the genome can increase a person’s risk of cancer of the breast, prostate and ovaries, according to the largest ever genetic study.

Pressuring radiation damaged bones to heal

Pressure chambers help patients who have suffered damage from radiotherapy treatment against cancer. Bones grow better under pressure.

Cured of cancer but in poor health

The majority of people afflicted with cancer now recover with treatment. Many of these, however, subsequently experience new health problems due to the cancer and/or the treatment.

Nanogold for the body

A dash of nanogold in the body can make a difference in the fight against diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Researchers are about to test this potential medication – on bees.

Melanoma crushed by the body’s defence

Immune cells from cancer patients in a Danish hospital are proving successful for fighting melanoma. The new treatment may also work on other forms of cancer.

Diagnosing patients at an early stage

The world's first sensor capable of measuring individual particles in a blood sample has been developed in Norway.