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Why do some consider public breastfeeding as inappropriate?

Norwegian researchers warn against increasing puritanism and less rights for mothers.

Victims of violence stop breastfeeding sooner

One in four women who have been victims of violence as adults is at risk of stopping breastfeeding before the baby is four months old.

Gruel ups the odds of overweight toddlers

Six-month-old infants who are given gruel instead of breast milk are more often overweight a year later.

HIV-preventive drugs for breastfed infants

Drugs may reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding protects mum’s heart health

Mothers who breastfeed are better protected from deadly cardiovascular disease than those who do not

Breast milk is safe

Breast milk contains contaminants. But a thorough analysis of relevant research shows that the benefits of breastfeeding clearly outweigh the potential risks.

Limit exclusive breastfeeding to four months

Scientists used to think that babies could thrive on nothing but breast milk for their first six months. Now experts are calling for the introduction of solid foods from the age of four months to avoid delays in development of the infant’s brain and nervous system.

Annoying body fluids

They are “disgusting” to talk about and should not be visible on your clothes. And they should flow easily and naturally. We're talking about body fluids.

Mobile apps could save children’s lives

The mobile phone is now being developed into a weapon in the fight against child mortality.