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Birth weight predicts brain development

A child`s birth weight can explain brain development later in life.

Language studies trigger brain growth

Intensive foreign language studies enlarge areas of the brain that play a big role in language, memory and spatial navigation.

How smart are animals?

We think that crows are smart but what do we really know? Intelligence takes on diverse meanings for different species and researchers think we are too prone to use human standards.

Highly developed brains behind top performances

World-class performers in management, sports and music often have a uniquely high mind-brain development.

Tapping the brain orchestra

Norwegian researchers have developed a new method for detailed analyses of electrical activity in the brain.

The brain’s zoom button

Everybody knows how to zoom in and out on an online map, to get the level of resolution you need to get you where you want to go. Now researchers have discovered a key mechanism that can act like a zoom button in the brain, by controlling the resolution of the brain’s internal maps.

Simulations can foresee cerebral haemorrhage

Newly developed simulations are able tell us whether or not a brain aneurism needs to be treated. The lethal bulges can soon be discovered by listening to the eye.