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Art appreciation is measurable

Is it your own innate taste or what you have been taught that decides if you like a work of art? Both, according to an Australian-Norwegian research team.

Cannes nominations rarely lead to local success

A Danish movie is nominated in Cannes for the third year running. New research shows that a nomination at one of the major European film festivals significantly boosts ticket sales in overseas cinemas. Festival hits are, however, far from guaranteed to be successful in Denmark.

Icelandic music thrives against all odds

Reykjavík is a paradox. The tiny Icelandic capital has produced a music scene that is far greater than its size warrants.

Teamwork brought Danish films to the top

Danish films are doing well despite the financial crisis. This is due to the Danish film model with collective leadership, a flat organisational structure and a strong system for education and funding.

For Icelanders, it pays to be weird

For a century, Iceland tried to be just like other European countries. But suddenly the people in the far North decided to become a bit different.

Creativity facilitates learning

Brain research and studies conducted in primary schools show that incorporating theatre, film, art and music into teaching facilitates learning – and fun.

Musicians still flock to traditional recording companies

Although artists can now record and sell their own music digitally, aspiring musicians still cling to the skirts of the traditional music industry.

Artistic ambition, migrant background

Choosing an artistic career is challenging – particularly with immigrant parents who often see this as a step backwards, research shows.

Forces that enable creative design

New and creative design comes about through close collaboration between dedicated industrial designers and key personnel in companies.

New Year’s rocket science

Here's the full story of what happens after you've lit the fuse of a rocket and run off to a safe distance.