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Art and literature

How writers handle rejections

Some burn the rejection slips; others see this as an opportunity to try something utterly new.

Meet the spin doctors of the fifteenth century

Medieval political spin doctors and lobbyists may have used different methods to their modern day counterparts, but their goals were very much the same.

Translators leave strong imprints on literature

We read novels in translation with an idea that we are reading the original text. And that is the way we want it, according to researcher.

3D artists find inspiration in a bone yard

Morphing long-abandoned whalebone piles into plastic and cardboard art

Indian extravagance in vogue

The wealthy in India still like to be on the cutting edge of fashion, but they are starting to flaunt Indian rather than Western gear. The trend accentuates their distance from the poor – who are indispensable to clothing production.

Old Arabic texts describe dirty Vikings

Arabs who encountered Scandinavians who had journeyed eastward depicted them as handsome people but filthy and barbaric.

What makes ’The Wire’ so special?

Biting realism, fantastic character portrayals and a controversial description of society that’s on a par with the great novels. New Nordic research takes a closer look at the popular TV series The Wire.

Metaphysics and religion in Scandinavian crime fiction

Since the turn of the millennium, religion and metaphysics have become part of the Scandinavian crime novel. This may be due to a general revolt against the strictly rational and verifiable.

Creativity linked to mental illness

Artists and researchers are more disposed toward psychiatric disorders than the general population. Authors are the most vulnerable.

The mysterious stone Madonna of the North

Saved from mould and darkness, she’s a source of mysteries – Norway’s one and only painted stone Madonna from the Middle Ages.