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The best scientific images of 2017 from University of Copenhagen

Get up close and personal to a flea’s feelers, merging galaxies, and nanoparticles.

Scandinavia’s oldest cup mark rock carvings discovered on Bornholm

Archaeologists have long suspected that Stone Age Scandinavians produced cup mark rock carvings, but until now they had no examples to prove it.

Getting more out of art

We can experience art in at least three ways, thinks a professor of psychology who has tried to figure out what art experiences really are.

Design history provides clues about the future

Design is not merely creating something. Design can kill, and design can bring about global progress. Visions of a more sustainable future can be found in the history of design. Now these visions are being dug up.

Museum space is a part of the display

When you visit a museum the spatial layout and design is more than a neutral backdrop. It is an essential part of the experience.

Humanities research contributes to artistic creation

Art may not only be an object or an expression in itself, but rather part of a discussion of a sensitive issue and an expression of a collective experience.

Photo imaging brings new life to missing artwork

Advanced mathematics and colour science can recreate artwork we thought was lost forever.

The music of earthquakes

Guess what happens when you introduce a composer to a geologist.

Rebel artist keeps researchers busy

A new research-based exhibition of Danish artist Asger Jorn’s works opens up for new interpretations of his cultural contribution.

Munch was his own art disseminator

Edvard Munch used the media and contemporary methods to disseminate his work. He was a modern man of his time, says art professor.