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Beautiful buildings are more sustainable

It is not all about energy efficiency. Preserving beautiful old buildings that are functional and use high quality materials is a form of sustainability, say researchers.

Copenhagen's visual history is now available on the Internet

Denmark’s capital has been digitised. It's now possible to delve into century old maps and explore the city’s rich history online.

Museum space is a part of the display

When you visit a museum the spatial layout and design is more than a neutral backdrop. It is an essential part of the experience.

Professor: architects are killing the public space

A Danish professor of urban design criticises architects around the world for planning cities without taking their inhabitants into consideration.

Cities will die if cars dominate

Cities continue to be planned with little comprehension or care for what makes them vibrant and attractive, says a renowned Danish architect.

How Copenhagen’s urban space can inspire developing countries

Cities around the world are wondering how they can be “copenhagenised” to help them tackle issues with air pollution and urban space.

High-rise housing blocks – from bright vision to concrete hell

Opinions about suburban housing complexes have changed radically in the past 40 years.

Lack of efficient computer programs to facilitate architects

A generative design system can assist architects in the early stages of the design process by quickly generating and evaluating building models.

Emotional connections to products may benefit the environment

The more you like a product, the less likely you are to replace it. If design could generate human affection for products and longer product life spans, it would benefit the environment, according to new research.

Apps open new urban dimensions

Architecture is more than building design. The project YoUrban uses digital technology to reveal layer upon layer of action, interaction and future visions.