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Ravens can be as clever as chimps

A Swedish study shows that corvids – birds of or resembling the crow family – can be just as smart at certain tasks as chimpanzees, even though their brains are very much smaller.

Chimpanzees catch yawns from humans

Chimpanzees yawn when they see a human yawn, but not until they reach a certain age, shows study, which hints at a new explanations of the development of empathy.

Apes can relive their past through ’mental time travel’

Humans are no longer the only primate capable of recalling their own experiences from the past, claim scientists.

Ape hunt ruins rain forest fruit trees

When Nigerians hunt monkeys and apes to put food on their plates they are not just jeopardizing these simians, but also the survival of fruit trees in the rain forests.

’Loser monkeys’ have poor immune systems

Macaque monkeys at the bottom of the social hierarchy have weakened immune systems. Social status influences almost 1,000 genes that control the immune system. This could apply to humans too.

Gorilla genome casts new light on human evolution

Scientists have now managed to map the entire gorilla genome. The findings reveal the most accurate picture so far of the evolution of the great ape.