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On the hunt for new antibiotics

An increasing number of life-threatening bacteria are becoming multi-resistant. Scientists from Norway and Denmark have united in their mission to outsmart the pathogens.

Weak antibiotic doses undermine our body’s defences

Swedish scientists have found how an insufficient treatment can make cholera bacteria resistant to our immune system.

Key antibiotic green-lighted for pregnant women

A study of over 180,000 pregnant Norwegian women showed no increase in birth defects from a common antibiotic used for treating urinary infections.

Sore throats often require no antibiotics

Physicians are too apt to prescribe antibiotics for throat infections. These are often viral, rather than bacterial, streptococci infections.

Fighting hospital bacteria with viruses

Bacteria can quickly pass on their antibiotic resistance on to other bacteria and so create super bacteria. But a promising new method may help solve this problem.