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Alternative medicine

Researchers give false legitimacy to alternative health products

Over the past 20 years, a Norwegian researcher has been paid to study alternative health products. He nearly always finds that they are effective. We have gone through his research in detail.

Patients with mental problems hide their visits to the traditional healer

Traditional healing and conventional medicine converge for patients with mental illness. But fear of being labelled as sicker than they are keeps many from sharing freely with their psychologist.

Dementia patients take alternative medicines – and forget about it

If you use a blood-thinning medication – an anti-coagulant – certain natural preparations can increase risks of either haemorrhaging or suffering blood clots.

Pregnant women use herbal medicines

An new study shows that whopping 69 percent of Russian women use herbal medicines during their pregnancies, as compared to 17 percent in Norway. The study also shows that pregnant women don't always tell their doctors about their use of these medicines - but should.

Vitamin substance suppresses inflammation

Some forms of inflammation may result in serious illness in the body. However, a substance derived from vitamin A appears to be capable of suppressing inflammatory responses.

Hypnotically induced stare captured on camera

Researchers have found an objective and replicable way of determining if a person is in a hypnotic state. You can see it in the eyes of the test subject in the following video.