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Alternative energy

Urgent need to recycle rare metals

Rare earth metals are important components in green energy products such as wind turbines and eco-cars. But the scarcity of these metals is worrying the EU.

Wresting more power from wind turbines

Offshore floating wind farms require some highly advanced and novel controls to be both long-lasting and productive.

Hydropower set to balance wind power

While Europe invests in wind energy, hydropower can ensure stable electricity supplies in Norway.

Looking ahead to greener vehicle components

Aluminium components make vehicles lighter, which reduces fuel consumption. Soon it may also become less energy intensive to make them.

Norway funds four green longshots

Giant batteries for storing renewable energy and solar cells that can use more of the light spectrum are among the winning projects that have been awarded additional funding from the Research Council of Norway.

Danes drill deep for geothermal energy

Political determination and natural advantages combine to heat up Denmark's investment in geothermal resources.

Aviation fuel from Norwegian forests

Scientists believe it will be possible to manufacture a competitive aviation fuel from wood by 2020-2025.

An animal to feed your Eco-car

The marine animal tunicate can be used both as biofuel and fish food.

Windmills at sea can break like matches

Medium-sized waves can destroy wind turbines at sea, causing them to break like matches. Mathematicians are trying to explain why.

Windpower? Oh, my deer!

Scientists don’t think a windmill park will bother reindeer in their summer grazing areas. But local reindeer herders fear their animals could be scared by the traffic and people.