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Are we overdoing aviation security?

Despite a seemingly low level of risk, we spend lots of time and money on screening air passengers and luggage in Norway. Has fear gained the upper hand?

Scanning the forest for birds

The data were intended to help foresters appraise timber. But laser scanning from an airplane makes it possible to predict where specific bird species can be found.

Helicopter technology to solve Indian water shortage

Danish scientists have developed a special technology which uses a helicopter to locate groundwater. The technique is currently being used to search for clean drinking water in India.

Aviation fuel from Norwegian forests

Scientists believe it will be possible to manufacture a competitive aviation fuel from wood by 2020-2025.

Safe landings on slippery runways

There’s a difference between slippery and slippery. So what’s the best way for airplane pilots to know how slippery it actually is on a runway before they land? A new computer model makes landing on slippery runways safer.

Air safety and wake vortices

Researchers are working on monitoring vortices created by aircraft during take-off and landing. The objective is both to maintain the level of safety and to improve the capacity of airports.

Future airplanes might be furry

Fur, feathers and other outgrowths augment motion, according to Swedish scientists.

Volcanic ash detection technology tested on aircraft

An infrared system that detects and informs about volcanic ash in the atmosphere has been tested on an Airbus A340.