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Tuberculosis forgotten in fight against HIV

Tuberculosis seems to have fallen between the cracks in poverty-stricken Malawi’s sponsor-dependent health sector. The dominating focus on HIV may have left parts of Africa with a skewed health service, say researchers.

Saving children from HIV

12 months of liquid HIV drugs for babies during breastfeeding from HIV positive mothers protects them from infection.

Can HIV be eradicated?

Scientists set out to eliminate HIV entirely from the body.

Gene defect that protects against HIV

Not everyone can be infected by HIV. If you have a gene defect, you may be protected.

Aggressive HIV subtype leads faster to AIDS

A newly discovered subtype of the HIV virus in West Africa causes a quicker progression into AIDS than other varieties of the virus known worldwide, according to Swedish research.

Researchers find body’s HIV alarm

For the first time, researchers describe how our immune system detects HIV. Boosting ‘alarm proteins’ could clear pathway for future treatments.

Same-sex attracted men neglected in Africa

HIV-related research and programming has excluded same-sex attracted men in Africa for three decades. Their exclusion cannot be accounted for by the assertion that they are unreachable, says researcher.

Why medicine can kill you

Allergic reactions to medicine are a serious side effect that can kill patients in rare cases. Researchers have now figured out why allergic reactions arise.