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Fish migrate to avoid predators

Tagged fish reveal that animals migrate to avoid being eaten by predators.

Larger offspring when fish pick own mates

It might not be so advantageous for us to help endangered animal species by selecting what we consider suitable mates for them.

Sedatives turn fish into unsociable gluttons

Drug residues in the waterways can have unexpected consequences for our ecosystems, say Swedish researchers after exposing perch to anti-anxiety drugs.

A cold cure for sick fish

When pipefish are sick, they swim towards cooler water to get better. But what will happen when global warming causes the world's seas to heat up?

Want some week-old fish?

Most of us would refrain from buying fresh fish that was caught more than three days ago. But if we don’t know the day of catch, we gladly consume fish that is much older.

New signs of pre-Viking life on the Faroe Islands

The earliest traces of human life on the Faroe Islands date back to the Viking era. But new pollen analyses suggest that people, and perhaps even agriculture, existed on the islands long before the Vikings arrived.

How the heavy plough changed the world

New technology ploughed its way to prosperity in medieval Northern Europe.

Cheese waste can replace antibiotics in pig feed

Farmers are feeding their pigs with so many antibiotics that we are becoming increasingly resistant to them. Now a Danish researcher has discovered that cheese waste with added bacteria can replace some of the antibiotics used by farmers.

Soft sea slugs pack a hard punch

Sea slugs may sound like they're soft and squishy, but they have poisonous tentacles and eat nearly everything they come across, including each others' eggs. These delicate and often brightly coloured animals are ferocious predators.

Standard research fish lacks a standard diet

Zebrafish have been used as a research standard to help scientists expand our understanding of everything from skin cancers to cardiovascular disease.

Turning toxic vegetable refuse into nutritious animal feed

New research makes it possible to remove growth-inhibiting natural toxins from protein-rich waste products.

New invention helps reduce pesticide suicides

Pesticides are one of the world’s most common suicide methods. New container makes it difficult to gain access to these deadly substances.